HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Just when you had achieved that confident and comfort level with your treadmill workout, you hear or read about an athlete who takes working out to another level; Arizona Cardinals receiver Robert Gill is that athlete taking working out to another level.

Video has recently surfaced of Gill jogging on a treadmill at an unprecedented rate of 25mph at Boost Sports in Kansas City.

The 29-year-old athlete who played in the Canadian Football League after just one day of their minicamp, never played college football.

Nevertheless, in his latest spectacle of skill, talent and ingenuity, (to say the least!) Gill is shown running at an astounding 25MPH.

While Gill never played college ball, he has spent the last five years playing in the Arena Football League (AFL) and AF2. Various NFL teams declined his desires to play with them, but then the Arizona Cardinals decided to give him a chance.

So for Gill, his recent treadmill performance and general speed have made him the oldest rookie in the NFL. Needless to say that word of his athletic stamina will travel just as fast as his feet do on that treadmill. So we shall see what offers come down the pipeline, in record speed.

Check out the amazing video below of Gill on the treadmill:


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