There’s no manual on how to parent a 10-year-old girl.

It’s an emotional checkpoint when you wake up one day and realize the sweet, innocent little girl who was fascinated by Disney princesses, fed you imaginary meals on small, fluorescent-colored plates and introduced you to Hannah Montana is now morphing into a small woman.

Suddenly, our conversations actually have depth and she’s breaking down ‘The Dork Diaries’, enlightens me of the slang her schoolmates use which includes words like ‘cray-cray’ and ‘re-re’ – but maybe most harrowing for any father – the introduction of the training bra.


But this weekend, my daughter, Miriam, and I, shared a moment. I told folks on the show a couple weeks ago that I’d finally found a new favorite show for the first time in years – The Newsroom on HBO. I caught the last half of a Newsroom marathon a few weeks ago and finally the entire first season was available on HBO On-demand this weekend.

I was watching the second episode when Miriam opted to watch a little of the show with me. Normally she’s not into the shows I watch, but the kid was glued.

It melted my heart. She opined that Jim and Maggie sure seemed like they ‘liked each other’ but she can’t understand why Maggie stays with her boyfriend. ‘They report a lot of breaking news,’ she said after we watched our third episode in a row.

That’s my girl.

The reporter in me is fascinated by this. Yeah, maybe the language can be a little much at times, but she’s a smart enough kid to know not to use it and let’s not be naive here, she’s heard that language before. Either way, I get to explain to her how news works, and maybe, just maybe, instead of absorbing the crap that’s on reality television and even the Teen Disney shows that are too suggestive in my humble opinion; my 10-year-old might take an interest in something that could prove worthwhile – the news.

It’s days like today you’re reminded that no matter how old your daughter is, she’ll always be your little princess.



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