HOUSTON (CBS Houston) As we continue to celebrate summer, many of our clothing styles call for great sandals! Whether we are opting for wedges or flats, sandals during the summer months seem to be as plentiful as the grains of sand on the beach.

Check out some ways to wear your cute summer sandals and enjoy the greatness of fun summer footwear!

1. Make sure that your feet are up to par. If you are not able to get that pedicure, then consider exfoliating your heels as well as the bottom of your feet. I love a great apricot scrub for my feet. Not only does the scrub smell sweet, but after I scrub my feet with it, I reveal great looking and fresh skin! Also, make sure toenails are clipped and you are sporting fresh, and wonderful feet!

2. When shopping for new sandals, consider sandals that have either a cotton or other absorbent lining. You can also soak up excess sweat with absorbent insoles. Not only will your feet remain fresh, but you will also cut down on odor.

3. As many of us opt for sandals, consider spraying a sweet-smelling spray or antiperspirant on the bottom of your feet and between toes. Choose one that will combat sweat and wetness similar to what you would spray underneath your arms. The protection is great and my feet smell great all day long!

4. Just about every summer, I find great sandals and find more than one pair. Consider purchasing a few pair. (three or four pair is always good) When you do such, you allow those shoes to air out from your feet.Wearing the same pair of sandals every day increases your chances of foot odor and tremendous amounts of sweat.

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

5. I love the look of high-heeled sandals. I find that they are quite versatile and stylish for summer. Not only do I wear them for a great daytime look as well as a night out with your friends. Before purchasing a pair of sandals, look through your summer wardrobe and see if you can match a great pair of high-heeled sandals with the outfit. I am not much of a wedge-sandal sport, but I have seen some great looks with long skirts. The classic flat sandal that separates the big toe from all others is wonderful with shorts, skirts and even pants. So grab great colors, mix and match textures and enjoy summer with pants, skirts and sandals!

6. Neutral colored sandals should be in each and every one of our closets. A great pair of brown, oatmeal, or even light colored beige or tan are great choices that can be worn with a multitude of clothes. I find that these colors are great with bright colors such as orange, red and green.

Do you have tips for wearing sandals in the summer? Share them as you enjoy related video below:

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