HOUSTON (CBS Houston) When it comes to celebrating summer with outdoor activities, one can also celebrate the goodness of our earth! “Going green” in the summer can not only be beneficial but fun, healthy and even help usher in new habits and hobbies. Check out ways you can “go green” during the summer months as you enjoy being outdoors!

1. Plant a Tree! Last week, I visited my neighbor who has a six-year-old and we not only enjoyed the quiet of an early morning, but we also took time to plant trees. Of course living in Houston, planting trees must be done in the early morning hours of the day. So we got up early and my neighbor, six-year-old Madison and I took time to plant trees! We had a great time as each one of us had job and helped to create a more wonderful and greener corner of the earth!

2. Hiking Anyone? Perhaps you live in a region of the country that provides great cool mornings before heat during the summer months. Perhaps you and friends or family members can take part in a great hike up a mountain! A group outing near a beach or a power walk among friends on a nature trail are also great ways to “go green” during summer. Visit your local park, enjoy its surroundings and twirl around happy to be alive! (That twirling thing is really fun, ya know. LOL)

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

3. Ride Or Walk It! When it comes to modes of transpiration in the summer months, walking or bike riding are your best bets! Not only do you stay fit with the exercise, but you save money on gas and you keep our air cleaner and pollutant-free! As I stated in an earlier piece, I love where I live because in order to get many of the necessities I need, I do not have to use my car to travel to stores. The local stores and restaurants are within a great walking distance and it’s great viewing Houston walking outside instead of in my car. You really should try it once or twice a week if you live in a central area and are close to shops and stores.

Do you have additional tips you use to “go green” with summer fun outside? Share your tips and watch related video below!

spacer1 Think Green Thursday: Going Green With Summer Activities


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