You know how we love a good social experiment on the Fred and Ted Show…

First off, I didn’t get a blog post in yesterday – as our girl and friend of the program Kat reminded via Twitter this morning. Shame on me. But it wasn’t because I was slacking off or laziness as to why I didn’t get a chance to sit down at the computer before signing off for the night last night.

Oh no.

For those of you that turned in to the program last night, Ted and I discussed our night at the VIP Party last Friday night and how I was ultimately shot down in my attempt to woo a rather stunning young woman who was also at the sumptuous shindig that evening. While I have no shame in either my attempt or the end result, I mentioned how I executed a well-placed ‘face grab’ much to the chagrin of Ted Johnson.

Ted mocked me pretty much throughout the night for one of my patented moves that has wooed many a young lady in my day. It’s not as heavy-handed as the name suggests, as in, the idea of grabbing a woman’s face seems almost primal, and depending on the situation and mood, it can be depending on the degree to which the grab is executed. Mine was much more subtle Friday night, as they usually are, and let’s be real, it’s one of my ‘tools’ in my ‘toolbox’ if you will, so it’s not as though I’m grabbing women’s faces at every chance I get in an attempt to get their attention. Although that would definitely get their attention, but probably not the kind I’d be looking for.

Also, one could argue that it clearly didn’t work Friday night, but the lightly delivered face grab had no bearing on the final result.

Now, Ted has a different move. The reach behind the woman’s neck and playfully tug at the back of her hair is his go-to according to him last night and he was pretty confident that it’s a much more effective tactic than the Face Grab. I’m not sure what you call Ted’s move, the ‘Behind The Neck Hair Grab’ vs. ‘The Face Grab’.

That’s a lot of grabbing. Of course the trick is that’s just the start of the grabbing if everything goes right.

Luckily enough, an opportunity presented itself last night for me to conduct – you guessed it – a social experiment as to which method is more effective and to the lady’s liking.

Let’s just say… You’ll have to tune in tonight to find out the results.

As for the show tonight – we’re starting our ‘Know The Foe’ Series, where we look at every team the Texans play this year, and of course we start with the San Diego Chargers and their beat writer from the San Diego Tribune, Michael Ghelken, who will join us at 630. Also tonight Fair or Foul and I’ve got a feeling we now have our second Haiku Theme for the week….

See you tonight at 6.


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