HOUSTON (CBS Houston) When you think of items that can be purchased for less than $30, there is that great CD you saw, a wonderful dress you tried on perhaps or some items for breakfast and lunch for tomorrow’s meals.

Have you ever thought about a home for less than $30? Then your imagination is just not working hard enough because it can be done and one Houston woman is proof of such!

One Houston woman is moving into a four-bedroom home and paid only $26.12. The woman who was renting an apartment before her home purchase went on a home auction site called of Houston and bought the home.

The site works by users agreeing to purchase reports to secure a certain number of bids. The Houston homeowner who purchased the home for less than $30, bought four reports for about $130 earning her 32 bids.

As she placed her bids, the auction for the home lasted about an hour for the homeowner.

Suddenly, she made the winning bid on a 2,300 square-foot home with four bedrooms.

According to the new homeowner, there were no “catches” or “gimmicks”, just strong bids on homes.

Additional reports indicate that thought she never went and looked at the property in person, she is joyously comprehending not having a mortgage.

The homeowner went solely on pictures on the website. The 2010 home will be occupied by the homeowner soon and Penny Mansions plans to hold another auction in 30 days.

Click here to view their Facebook Page and take a look at the gorgeous house below!


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