Okay, so there weren’t Playboy bunnies lining the hallways and Hugh Heffner didn’t have half of the Marque sectioned off for his entourage of babes.

Instead, the bartenders wore fluffy bunny ears, little bunny tails on their tail-ends – I had visual confirmation – and looked sorta Playboy bunnyish, and there was at least one old guy who resembled Hugh… That counts for something right..?

As we talked about most of the week, Ted and I attended the Playboy Golf Tournament VIP Party last night and we had a good time. It was a great opportunity to meet some of our listeners – including Troy on a Mobile – and there was a bartender that was a fan of The Fred and Ted Show as well, who may have bought us a shot. Maybe. Ha.

The BossMan was there with his lovely wife, and Nick braved the crowd with his pregnant wife, so kudos to the two of them for getting their swerve on with little Wright percolating. Melts and his lady friend were also there, so needless to say, as usually is the case, I, being the perpetually single guy that I am, rolled with Teddy J.

We were beaten at pool by a Canadian guy who sorta knew who the Patriots were and his buddy Paul, who was pretty damn good and essentially beat Ted and I by himself. There were plenty of CBS Radio folks in the house and from all indications, everyone had a good time. Props to the BossMan for giving me an invite, I’d like to think he’ll invite us again.

Now its off to my first ever Dynamo game. My prediction = low scoring.


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