Are we there yet….?

I know, we’re still 59 days away from the Mud Run Challenger, but remember, Aug. 17 will be here before you know it, and for those of you that will be running in it, Team Fred and Ted will be in pristine condition – so get your minds right.

Speaking of minds being right, that’s the million dollar question that’s on everyone’s mind for tonight as to whether the Spurs can finally win two games in a row or if Miami forces a Game 7. As Ted pointed out last night, if you’re the visiting team in a 2-3-2 format a la the Spurs and you lose Game 6, history suggests you should prepare to lose Game 7 since no visiting team has won a Game 7 in this format.

Essentially tonight is a must-win for the Spurs.

Does Ginobili start? Can Popovich get the same kind of production, or at the very least, something comparable to what he did in Game 5? And will the torrid shooting Danny Green continue his unprecedented accuracy behind the line…?

As for the Heat… They’ve got LeBron. Will somebody besides D-Wade step up… That’s pretty much their game plan. And amazingly, when someone does, it works. I know, earth-shattering analysis there, but why over think it?

Tonight – SHOULD – be a good game. For three quarters at least.

Who do I have winning…? Tune in tonight. I’ll let you know.

Also – as we pointed out last night, Fair or Foul is now a daily segment, usually going down at 7 unless we have a really cool guest that can only come on at 7. And we’re rolling back out ‘Ask Fred and Ted’. We debuted the segment during Game 1 of the Finals on a Thursday at like 9 or 915. Needless to say, and this was our fault for not really thinking it through, we did not get the results or participation we were angling for.

That’s why we’re rolling it out tonight, and expect things to go smoother. At least on our end.

Annnnd – Don’t forget, and we’re going to start taking your submissions for why you should be included in the group that’s going to run alongside Ted and I at the Mud Run early on in the show, and we’ll start going through them at 830 and then make a decision shortly thereafter.

Hell, we may even do a little rapid fire tonight in honor of the finals…. Who knows.

Day 2 in the books Ladies and Gents. Enjoy your Tuesday and we’ll see you tonight at 6.


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