600- Metta World Peace on MaD Radio! So much good stuff…

Plus, is this Clippers thing really gonna go down?


630- TOP 3… Instances of false advertising, inspired by this http://metro.co.uk/2013/06/13/hello-999-a-prostitute-ive-called-for-sex-is-ugly-3840836/?


700- Yeah, I’m actually going to defend the Atlanta radio guys http://www.nola.com/saints/index.ssf/2013/06/steve_gleason_column.html

I did a mini Twitter diatribe on this, but I will fully explain… Lopez likely thinks I’m an ahole for this take, too.

And the great Louis CK will help my case, with audio!

715- Out of the Loop… How does this keep happening? http://slate.me/11tno7x not the shooting, I know how that happens, but the lack of prosecution? I simply don’t get that… Or we could talk about this http://cbsn.ws/13OqOoz I’ve read this book, it doesn’t end well.

730- Anthony Munoz!

745- No Huddle… People are the worst http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BarLvCpS0c … More college football lines! https://twitter.com/solidverbal/status/346699240627650560 … America, everybody! http://www.chicagolife.net/content/politics/Celebrate_the_4th_of_July … 

800- John Rocker!

815- 30 Texans in 30 Days… Greg Jones…

PLUS… I got beef with a fellow staff member, just not sure who. We sent out a BS tweet yesterday and I want to know who did it…

830- Mike Florio! On Texans Mount Rushmore + How the Oilers/Titans shook out…

845- NBA Finals…

And the DWade twitter hoax that should’ve never been able to be a hoax…

900- The Atlanta guys, redux. 

915- HEADLINES around the world…

930- Lou Savarese! I really just want Lou to tell us about the guy he brought in studio last time, plus he’s fighting again!

945- Lopez you didn’t tell me about this http://bit.ly/16BaW9R 


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