Routines are a mother.

Whether good, bad or indifferent, they provide a daily ritual that if done correctly, serves as a healthy start to your day, afternoon or whatever it is your routine helps you do.

For me, I’ve struggled with a solid writing routine since I left my newspaper job at The Examiner in Beaumont last September. Deadlines were a huge help, not to mention there’s something almost orgasmic seeing your byline in print. Sure, the internet is a nice place to see a byline, but let’s be honest for a moment, anybody can have a byline on the internet. So that reality restricts the emotional rush.

Back to routines. When I started this blog about a month ago, I was pretty good about sticking to writing it daily for the first 7-10 days. It wasn’t every day I was writing, but I was trying, or at least I thought I was. But as routines, like any form of consistent behavior, if you don’t stick to it, or vacate a more positive one and venture into a let’s say, a less productive routine, well, the good habits you were in the process of employing end up like a stalled car on the side of 610 rush-hour traffic in the Galleria – stuck and leaving everyone behind you – or in this case – the people that read the blog – wondering what’s going on and when are we going to start moving again.

Today – we’re moving again.

For every good routine I’ve had, no matter how long it went along, sometimes a few days, to maybe even a few months, there was always something that derailed it. I won’t pain you with details for now as to what precipitated the derailments, but let’s say those nasty bad routines were generally a culprit.

Today starts the beginning of a new routine.

As most of you who have listened to the show, August 17 is the Mud Run Challenger, where 10 of you lucky S.O.B.s will run alongside Ted and I in this mud run outside of Conroe. I’ve never done a mud run, and apparently this course has been designed by SEALs and other special forces-types that make this extra challenging. It sounds like a lot of fun from a physical aspect, plus I’ve been looking forward to it since I was first told about it a few months ago when it was initially going to be held in May. But now I’m excited about it from a mental standpoint too.

Working out is fun for me, so the idea of working out with a goal in mind won’t be difficult. What’s not to like about working out? Well, for me anyway. I’m sure I can think of a few reasons why some may loathe it. But two words generally come to mind for me when I think of one of the virtues of working out… Yoga Pants.

I digress.

It’s 60 days til the Mud Run. 60 days. That’s more than enough time to instill a routine that works, is healthy and productive.

In that time I have given myself the following orders:

1. Write Daily

2. Eat Correctly

3. Do the Right Thing.

Sorry Spike. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Some may be asking what I mean when I say doing the Right Thing. That one is for me. I can’t share everything with everybody right away despite what I do for a living. What’s right for me might not be right for you. What’s right for you might not be right for me. We’ve all got our own ideas and habits.

For all the Fred and Ted listeners who stumble across today’s blog posting, I’ll be posting EVERYDAY leading up to the Mud Run. Every Damn Day. Will every post be as long as this one…? Probably not. Then again, who knows. Daily writing, eating correcting and doing the right thing – as it pertains to me – might mean long-winded posts every day. You’ll have to tune in to find out. And for those of you wondering in the back of your mind – ‘Fred, what happens on a day you don’t post’ – I expect the best listeners in Houston radio to call me out for it. And I’m sure none of you would have a problem with that.

Heck, this writing every day thing might get so good to me I may find myself posting more than once sometimes. Whoa.

In the meantime, make sure you listen to the show. We’re working on some tweaks to it, nothing major,  simply re-arranging some regular features, and as we tend to do, adding new ones and experimenting with others. One segment that I want to re-do is Ask Fred and Ted. We debuted it a couple Thursdays ago and it did not get the warm welcome I envisioned. Never fear though, for we shall give it another try. We’ll package it better next time.

See you tonight at 6pm.


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