HOUSTON (CBS Houston) With school out, summer camps for the kids serve as a great alternative to boredom. Check out these summer camp tips that will ensure a great, festive and economically sound way your kids can have fun while learning new arts, crafts and building friendships!

1. Days Over Nights One way to save on summer camp costs is to find great camps that are day camps as opposed to overnight-stay camps. When my brother and I were younger, we had a great time at a local day camp sponsored by our local YMCA. We made great friends, had great laughs and did not know that mom and dad saved great money on our fun!

2. Camp Scholarships And Sponsorships Did you know that children can earn scholarships and grants for camps? Many summer camps for kids offer scholarships to cover many of the camper’s costs. Sometimes the qualifications depend on the type of camp you would want your child to attend. It seems as if there are so many camps out there that appeal to a variety of kids’ interests. For example, there are sports camps, fine arts camps, music camps, and camps for just about any interest a child has. So find out what your child wants to pursue and see what scholarships are offered before writing that check!

3. Payment Plans Most, but not all camps only require a certain percentage of total costs down at the beginning of the camp. Parents/guardians can also make installment payments on the camp so check with camp officials. Also, many families may qualify for a “sliding scale” program when it comes to costs. It never hurts to ask!

4. Are You An “Early Bird”? Many camps offer discounts on rates if you register within a certain period of time. So if you beat others and get a heads up on a fantastic camp and put money down on it, check and see if you qualify for a discount.

5. Brothers And Sisters Many times camps offer discounts if multiple children from one family attend a specific camp. So if a child has brothers and sisters who are attending the same camp, mom, dad and grandma or grandpa may qualify for a discount paying for multiple children to attend  that camp!

6. Affiliations Sometimes having affiliations with certain organizations or groups can qualify parents for discounts on camps. Check and see what your camp has to offer in terms of affiliation discounts!

Do you have additional tips you use to save on summer camp costs for the kids? Share them and watch related video below!


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