HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Former Houston Police officer Drew Ryser was convicted of official oppression in the infamous Chad Holley beating case.

Reports indicate that the six-person jury convicted Ryser of the misdemeanor on Wednesday. As a result of his conviction, Ryser will serve two years’ probation and pay a $1,000 fine.

Ryser could have been sentenced to up to a year in jail but the standing arrangement and penalty was the result of a deal worked out between defense attorneys and prosecutors.

Thirty-two-year-old Ryser is the last of four fired and indicted police officers to have their cases resolved in court for their roles in the beating of then teenager Chad Holley.

Holley’s beating was videotaped and went viral on the Internet. The beating of the then 15-year-old teen was the subject of much outrage among many in Houston and beyond.

Chad Holley (Photo Credit: Harris County Sheriff's Office)

Chad Holley (Photo Credit: Harris County Sheriff’s Office)

For many, the officers who are white were seen as  law enforcement individuals who were taking out frustrations on Holley, a black male. The beating also prompted public criticism of Houston’s police department by community activists, and residents. In fact, many called the force the officers used on Holley “brutality.”

During his trial, Ryser testified that his use of physical force against Holley was justified because the teenager was resisting arrest.

Prosecutors in the case told jurors that Ryser did not follow proper procedures.

Two other former officers charged in the case pleaded no contest and were sentenced in April to two years of probation. A fourth ex-officer was acquitted in May 2012.

Holley, who is now 19 has continued to make headlines with his numerous brushes with the law.

He was arrested on a burglary charge and a judge sentenced him in April to six months in jail and seven years of probation.

Holley filed a federal lawsuit against Ryser, the other fired and indicted officers as well as the city of Houston; that lawsuit is pending.


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