600- So excited! We have so much to discuss today…

Are you ever, under any circumstances, allowed to hit a woman? Like, what if she just smacked you in the face with a full beer bottle and she’s drunk out of her mind? And does closed fist vs open hand matter a lot?

Are you ever allowed to joke around in a court room? And how responsible should you be for what other people do as a reaction to your action in the courtroom? And do some judges just take themselves too seriously?

And… TEEEBOOOOW! Will he be a factor? Will he dismantle the Patriots from the inside? Is Bill Belichick finally outsmarting himself? Will Tim Tebow even make the team?


630- TOP 3

645- Chad Johnson and the ass slap heard ‘round the world… I’m not defending Chad, he seems to be an idiot that just can’t help himself at times… BUT, this judge is a bit over the top, no? She overreacts, but Chad’s got to know, that this is the ONE time you just got to chill…

700- TEEEBOOOOW… Lopez is mad that Tebow has a job and VY doesn’t… I will cede the floor to him here…

Plus… Why did Belicheck do this? Will Tebow keep the job? What on earth can he add to the Patriots? Could the Patriots finally be the bold team that goes  for 2 EVERY time? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS…

715- NBA Finals, Game 3… What are we watching for? This game has been incredibly telling in finals history, Since the 2-3-2 format began in 1985, the Game 3 winner of a tied NBA Finals series wins the series 92.3% of time (12-1).

So… Who you got and what are you looking for? I’m completely clueless on this game, to be honest…

PLUS, some great audio of NBA players reading tweets about themselves…

730- EVAN SILVA… On Tebow, of course, plus why he’s down on the Texans, high on the Colts, and why he and Meltser hate each other

745- NO HUDDLE… Being a really good FB basically makes you unemployable, evidently http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/06/10/vonta-leach-on-the-way-out-in-baltimore/ … I’m glad Geno Smith isn’t playing that well, to be honest…

800- Is it EVER OK to hit a woman? That is my question… PacMan did it… But we have video evidence of the lady approaching him and hitting him with a bottle… But we can mostly leave PacMan out of this, because the video is far from conclusive… I’m more interested in the question of whether or not you are EVER allowed to hit a woman?

815- Phil Steele loves… Texas! http://insider.espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/9358126/explaining-why-alabama-no-1-other-preseason-top-5-picks-college-football

Plus, everyone LEAVE JOHNNY FOOTBALL ALONE! Let the kid live… OR, is he living it up too much. Lopez is the Aggie, what does he think?

830- NFL Interview (Tim Carter, former Giants star)

845- What’s the DUMBEST thing you ever did in front of a cop or a judge? Mine is easy. Super easy. It’s a top 3 dumb thing anyone has ever done in the history of cops. What’s Lopez? Listeners?

900- Dan Wetzel on Tebow, NBA Finals, and whatever else you’d like to discuss with him because he’s awesome


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