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So @getnickwright called an idiot and it’s awesome. “Allow me to explain” … Plus how LeBron dominated w/o dominating, McClain and 30-players, 30-days.

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136535896 So @getnickwright called an idiot and its awesome. Allow me to explain ... Plus how LeBron dominated w/o dominating, McClain and 30 players, 30 days.WATCH: Texans Cheerleaders Take Ice Bucket Challenge

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600-  NBA Finals… Hey, this right here is why LeBron left Cleveland…  So he can have a C level game, for him, and still have his team win… 

Also, welcome back, Chris Bosh!


630- Top 3…

645- Check this out! We are getting some publicity! http://houston.culturemap.com/news/sports/06-06-13-this-is-no-tim-tebow-situation-case-keenums-idiotic-doubters-need-to-face-reality/

Granted, it’s publicity via me being called an idiot, but still!

This is no Tim Tebow situation: Case Keenum’s idiotic doubters need to face reality @getnickwright

And, yes, I will break down the 10 different ways that CultureMap story is beyond absurd… 

700- A big 3 in Houston??? http://t.co/PfyLqFpOWk Actually, no. And the article doesn’t really even imply that, which is good, because it’s not really possible… But all the major websites were tweeting about just that… Why? Well, because of this tweet by the Chron’s sports editor… 

Why settle for one? #Rockets in pursuit of Dwight Howard AND Chris Paul, @Jonathan_Feigen writes. A Big 3 in Houston? blog.chron.com/ultimaterocket… (https://twitter.com/Nick_Mathews/status/343716258992250880

Also, have I been overrating Chris Paul? Never even made it to the CONFERENCE finals…

715- NBA Finals… So, why did Miami do what they did? Why were they able to go on a 33/5 run? And how worried should the Spurs be?

Also, that was pretty brilliant coaching by Spoelestra on Parker on pick and rolls…

730- OK… This is not going to be a popular take, but I mean WHAT do you tell the guys who you drafted in rounds 35-50? http://t.co/jSR1RSPWTZ “Hey kid, we love you! Not as much as we love the paralyzed kid, but still…”

PLUS… I can make Lopez and Straw BOTH momentarily unable to speak. We will experiment with this new awesomeness.

745- No Huddle… Texas Ole Miss on LHN, huh? http://t.co/gvjvBCAskO … Geno Smih doesn’t look good, and that makes me happy, to be honest. Last thing that kid needs is to play right away with THAT offense… I’m a huge fan of whistle blowers, and no fan of the Patriot Act, so props to the NSA guy who spoke to the Guardian, but WHAT ARE YOU THINKING revealing your identity???

800- NBA Finals… This right here is why LeBron left Cleveland…

815- 30 Players in 30 days… Wade Smith… How is a Pro Bowler this low? Well, interior O Line is one place where I feel this team has some good depth, thanks to Ben Jones… Maybe Wade Smith is better than 29th as far as pure talent, but this is a list of importance, and Wade is one guy that if he goes down, there is a competent backup behind him… Also, likely Wade’s last year as a Texan…

Plus,  This is what we are talking about, Dobbins, http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/06/09/report-bears-ship-carimi-to-bucs/

830- John McClain

845- A Big 3 in Houston? Well, no, that isn’t happening… BUT, if it could, here’s the details on everything that would have to happen http://www.cbssports.com/nba/blog/eye-on-basketball/22380694/report-dwight-howard-and-chris-paul-could-both-be-houston-targets

It’s more than a pipe dream, it’s utter insanity and won’t happen. But here’s something else, I argue that you wouldn’t even want that to happen…

A Big 3 with LEBRON JAMES is barely working, and really if it does it will be purely because of his brilliance… You need role players and a bench, and you won’t have those under this make believe scenario…

Plus, it absolutely neuters your Daryl Morey advantage, as well…

900-I think we should address this article and tweet http://houston.culturemap.com/news/sports/06-06-13-this-is-no-tim-tebow-situation-case-keenums-idiotic-doubters-need-to-face-reality/

This is no Tim Tebow situation: Case Keenum’s idiotic doubters need to face reality @getnickwright


930- Orlando Alzugaray on the NBA Finals

945- Hey, Meltser! I see you, favoriting Tweets calling me an idiot, and I don’t appreciate it… 

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