HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Father’s Day is June 16th. Do you have your gift for Dad? Leave the tie and the slippers alone and check out these low-cost gift ideas that will leave dad smiling ear to ear!

1. Sporting Equipment– When it comes to shopping for Dad, it’s all about giving him things he can really use. My Daddy (may he rest in peace… he died last year…) used to love to fish. I would always save up my money for new tackle for him and would even go half with my brother on a fishing pole. He was always grateful for fishing supplies!

(Photo Credit: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

2. Sports’ Paraphernalia -When my Daddy was alive, you would see him decked out in anything that had a sports team on it. From Carolina Panthers’ t-shirts and caps to Detroit Tigers’ shirts, he wore it all! The greatest part about giving him these gifts is that they did not cost my entire life savings! So consider getting Dad a great hat, cap, t-shirt or mug with his favorite sports team on it! It’s a great and economical way to say “Happy Father’s Day Dad; you have a true reason to sit in front of the tube and watch sports all day now!”

3. Gift Cards – So let’s say you have no idea what to buy Dad this year… he has just about everything. Do not fret! Dads love gift cards to their favorite restaurants, sporting goods stores, retail outlets and other places. So if Dad is in that “hard to buy” phase, you are saved with the gift card!

4.Perhaps the Unusual?– Sometimes no one knows Dad better than his kids. So perhaps his favorite six-pack with a bow on it could make the perfect Father’s Day gift. My Daddy used to love to come to North Carolina and eat pulled pork sandwiches. Well I told a restaurant of my Daddy’s love for their pulled pork dinners and they gave Daddy a $50 gift certificate!  Sometimes all Dads want to do is rest, relax and just sit quiet on their special day. Perhaps you and your siblings can fire up the grill and cook for him? Make it a potluck so that all of the responsibility does not fall on you.

Whatever you do for Father’s Day this year, do it out of love. Be creative and I promise you that Dad will love it….especially if he sees you left the tie and slippers out of the gift box!

What are you getting Dad this year? Sound off and watch related video below:


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