Shame on me.

That’s right. Shame on Me. There’s no excuse for not posting a blog entry in almost TWO weeks. Nevertheless, we’re back, the routine is back on and let’s get down to business.

There’s been a bevy of local and national sports stories since the last time I posted, with the biggest sports stories being the Arian Foster calf strain and whether or not that injury is going to linger throughout the 2013 NFL season. Teddy suffered something like five calf strains in his 10-year NFL career and he said those are the type of injuries that can nag a guy all season long.

The Texans have said they’ll keep Arian out of all off-season activities until training camp, and that’s a no-brainer, but keep an eye on Arian moving forward and maybe more importantly, keep an eye on Ben Tate, because if Arian is hampered in anyway, it’s going to be up to #44 to regain that 2011 form after a dismal 2012.

Heat-Pacers. What a series. Fore the most part. Five of the seven games were must-see TV, yet unfortunately the game that everyone wanted to be a classic was classic for all the wrong reasons – a classic beatdown in which LeBron did what LeBron does, and the Pacers forgot everything they had done up to the point and played like a young team with a young head coach that’s elbowing its way into the conversation as one of the elite teams in the NBA.

In all fairness, and I’m in no way a Heat fan, I like good basketball, and whether you like him or not, when LeBron is on television, he is must-see TV the same way MJ was two decades ago. Ted and I will talk a little about last night’s game tonight on the show, and we’ll probably give our Finals predictions, although we may also tease the hell out of our predictions and wait until Thursday…. We’ll see. Ha.

Speaking of tonight’s show, we’re working on guests but there is one show guarantee – and that’s the hottest segment in Houston Texas – Fair or Foul…

See you tonight.


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