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Lopez’ terrible, horrible, very bad day. Nick crawfishin’ on LeChosen One? Tribute to firefighters. And Antonio’s deal: Yes or no?

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136535896 Lopez terrible, horrible, very bad day. Nick crawfishin on LeChosen One? Tribute to firefighters. And Antonios deal: Yes or no?WATCH: Texans Cheerleaders Take Ice Bucket Challenge

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600- 4 dead firefighters in Houston… ugh, so freaking awful… So sad, we will let you guys know how you can help if you’re interested in helping…

Also, how freaking excited are you for a game 7 tonight?!? I can’t wait, absolutely positively can’t wait… 

Who are the Spurs rooting for tonight?

615- HEADLINES… Let’s make sure we include the Hibbert fine in the headlines…

630- TOP 3: Lopez should have stayed in bed Saturday. He might be lucky to be alive.

645- This is really just an excuse to talk about the Packers, who I think will win the NFC this year http://www.jsonline.com/sports/packers/packers-qb-considers-his-legacy-green-bays-new-offense-b9923255z1.html and Cobb is a big reason why… 

700- Are the Heat starting to fray? Or does DWade just need to shut the hell up and make some effing layups? D-Wade wants the ball more http://deadspin.com/dwyane-wade-wants-the-ball-because-hes-more-than-lebro-510909293

By the way, I had a theory about this, and we asked DWade about it, and it looks like it may finally be manifesting itself…

715-  an Antonio Smith point that I was reminded of by this… What do most of the best unsigned top free agents have in common? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/05/31/only-eight-true-free-agents-left-in-pfts-hot-100-rankings/ 

715- ESPN has officially ended a guys career, basically http://espn.go.com/new-york/nfl/story/_/id/9318760/how-media-mania-made-former-nfl-quarterback-tim-tebow-impossible-hire-espn-magazine

745- No Huddle… Props to Cheerios! … 

800- LeBron, you don’t have to win the ‘chip this year if this is all the help you’re going to get, but you do have to get there… No excuses, and I’m your guy, but you can’t, for whatever reason, allow the Pacers to come into Miami and win a Game 7… Just can’t do it.

815- So Roy Hibbert got fined 75K for saying motherf*cker, but really for saying “no homo”… LeBron DIDN’T get fined for saying the same thing a few years ago, and this, believe it or not, is a good thing…


845- Antonio Smith, and the extension that, the more I think about it, I WOULDN’T give him, and I have reasons why, as much as it makes me sad to say it…

900- Does DWade have a point? And what on earth has happened to Lopez’ guy Chris Bosh? Cuz this is getting embarrassing…

All that said, you better find a way to win tonight, LeBron…


930- RIP Tim Tebow’s career… Cause of death: ESPN… And, to me, this isn’t a debatable point…

945- After Earth is maybe the worst movie ever made

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