Main Card 

155 – Carlo Prater (31-14-1) vs Carlos Diego Ferreira (7-0) Carlos Diego Ferreira def. Carlo Prater via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27):  

Carlo Prater is the most well-rounded fighter in Legacy Fighting Championships. Favored to win this fight against a far less experienced Carlos Diego Ferreira, he simply could never find his rhythm or figure out Ferreira’s game. Both men are highly skilled and regarded black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Watching this fight was a joy if you are a BJJ fan and have an understanding of the beauty of the technique both men utilized in this fight.

The first round was some of the most fluid and technical jiu jitsu I’ve seen in an MMA bout in quite a while! Ferreira, however, seemed to have the upper hand the entire fight. The scorecard tells the story with all three judges awarding Ferreira 10-9 all three rounds. Prater looked like the lesser experienced fighter and just when you thought, “Prater has a distinct advantage in his striking.” Ferreira beat him to the punch with crisp, clean technique over and again throughout the fight. Ferreira is one to watch as we approach the second half of 2013.

135 – Damacio Page (16-8) vs Patrick Ybarra (5-1) Damacio Page def. Patrick Ybarra via knockout at 1:57 of round one: 

Despite the persistence and heavy pressure of Patrick Ybarra, this one was all Damacio Page. Page dropped Ybarra twice in the first minute of action yet Ybarra relentlessly pressed forward in attempt to dictate the pace of the fight. Perhaps being to aggressive, Ybarra fell victim to a heavy body shot followed a few seconds later by devastating right cross resulting in a highlight reel knockout. Ybarra suffers his first loss and fails to even get the opportunity to attempt one of his patented armbars.

145 – Adam Schindler (10-6) vs Chris Pecero (9-5) Chris Percero def. Adam Schindler via TKO (knees) at 1:02 of round two: 

This was a very technical battle from the beginning as the first round went back and forth on their feet and on the ground until Schindler tweaked his knee. For the second straight fight, a knee injury was the demise of Adam Schindler. As if fighting in a cage against an equally skilled mixed martial artist wasn’t stressful enough, then came the added mental strain of worrying about his knee. It changes the game plan, second guessing whether or not to make specific movements that may further injure the knee, not knowing whether or not your opponent is aware of the advantage he just gained, all of these things mounted up and put Schindler at a deficit. Despite said deficit, Schindler valiantly continued on nearly taking the back of Pecero and even landing a very nice single leg takedown. Still, slowed movement and weakened explosiveness left him vulnerable near the end of the round when Pecero caught him in a guillotine only to be saved by the bell.

Ten seconds into the second round Pecero went to work on Schindler’s knee with a heavy leg kick. Schindler answered with a takedown attempt but the explosiveness was gone and Pecero stuffed it with ease. Pecero pushed Schindler up against the cage and with 4:06 left in round two, then landed a powerful knee to the inside of Schindler’s knee causing Schindiggity to scream out in pain and Referee Jacob Montalvo to jump in for the stoppage.

125 – Alp Ozkilic (8-1) vs Antonio Banuelos (20-10) Alptekin Ozkilic def. Antonio Banuelos via TKO (punches) at 0:30 of round one: 

Banuelos came out with his hands wide open in his stance and as he closed distance missing with a left jab, then dropped his right hand winding up for a haymaker, leaving a clear shot for Ozkili’s left hook which landed square on the right cheek of Banuelos as he attempted to follow his left that whiffed with and equally inaccurate overhand right boosting momentum created by Ozkilic’s powerful left hook and spinning Banuelos to the mat. Ozkilic pounced on Banuelos landing an obligatory 1-2 combo on the ground as Referee Kerry Hatley stepped in to end the fight 30 seconds into the first round.

125 – Elias Garcia (4-0) vs Matt Schnell (2-1) Elias Garcia def. Matt Schnell via majority decision (28-28, 29-28, 30-27): 

Great start for the main card with Garcia landing some big shots with his hands, scoring a very nice takedown, and briefly controlling the back of Schnell in the first. Garcia won the round even though Schnell controlled the last minute of the round in which Garcia had to defend the threat of a rear naked choke. (Garcia 10-9)

In the first minute of the second round Gracia landed 4 heavy right hands but Schnell pushed forward anyway landing a big right hand of his own before he took Garcia down with a foot sweep. From there he dominated from the back of Garcia the rest of the round, however, Garcia showed some impressive defense as he thwarted all of Schnell’s efforts to cinch the rear naked choke for four straight minutes. (Schnell 10-8)

The final round began with a telegraphed Garcia straight right that Schnell ducked and turned into a trip taking Garcia to the mat. It looked like round three was going to be a repeat of the previous round but Garcia was effective from his back defending each of Schnell’s attempts to pass guard. Eventually, Garcia used a single leg from half guard to get to his feet and landing a huge 1-2 combo as Schnell was releasing his sloppy attempt at a Kimura during the scramble. Schnell immediately clinched and attempted another foot sweep but it was clear with 4:05 left in the third round Schnell had run out of gas. Garcia took advantage by getting to his feet and landing one significant strike after the next and easily stuffing weak takedown attempts which ended up in Schnell taking some heavy ground and pound. (Garcia 10-8).

I scored this fight 29-28 Garcia. Judge Lucy Rogers scored the fight 30-27 and clearly did not see the first and second rounds everyone else did!

Preliminary Card

145 – Gerald Gagnon (0-1) vs Kirk Hubble (2-2)

Kirk Hubble def. Gegard Gagnon via unanimous decision

170 – Marcelo Lumakang (2-9) vs Corey Bellino (7-2)

Corey Bellino def. Marcelo Lumakang via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:31 of round one

105 – Maria Lopez (0-1) vs Paulina Granados (2-0)

Paulina Grandanos def. Maria Lopez via submission (armbar) at 0:46 of round one

170 – David Siller (0-1) vs Jared Perez (1-0)

Jared Perez def. David Siller via TKO (punches) at 0:00 of round two

Britt Hoffmann, Tap Houston

Royce Blue Belt


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