AIM For The Cure Melanoma Walk Will ‘Take Steps’ Toward Awareness, Research


HOUSTON (CBS Houston) On June 8th, the “AIM For The Cure Melanoma Walk” will literally take steps toward building awareness and education about melanoma and help raise money for melanoma research.

According to the AIM at Melanoma Facebook page: “AIM is a non-profit organization committed to melanoma research, education, awareness, and legislation.”

The website defines melanoma as: “…the most serious type of skin cancer. It begins in skin cells called melanocytes. Though melanoma is predominantly found on the skin, it can even occur in the eye (uveal melanoma).”

“Melanocytes are the cells that make melanin, which gives skin its color. Melanin also protects the deeper layers of the skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays,” adds

June 8th’s walk will not only celebrate great strides already made in eradicating this skin cancer, but help build awareness about melanoma and help fund its research.

The “AIM For The Cure Melanoma Walk” will take place in Galveston and walkers will assemble at the UTMB Alumni Field House.

There is no fee to participate but walkers are encouraged to donate the sum of $50.

(Photo Credit: Provided)

(Photo Credit: Provided)

Click here to register as well as receive more information and take a look at the event at a glance:

WHAT: “AIM For The Cure Melanoma Walk”

WHEN: June 8, 2013

TIME: 7:30 a.m.

WHERE: UTMB Alumni Field House

WHY: “… to support melanoma research, education, awareness, and legislation.”


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