HOUSTON (CBS Houston) The summer months are just about upon us and the need to get away from it all grows great amongst us! So how do you get great rates on airfare? Check out the following tips that will lift you off of your feet when it comes to summer airfare!

1. Consider which days of the week holidays fall on. For example, Labor Day will soon be upon us and that means that airlines sometimes add a spike in fares. Try to travel on “less attractive” days and weeks. Beat the rush by going against the grain. Try extending your trip for a couple extra days after huge holidays such as “Fourth of July” and Labor Day to avoid the crowds as well as the jacked up rates!

2. When it comes to travel dates, be flexible. The more flexible you are, the better airfare you can get. I used to travel during the middle of the week. For example. Instead of leaving on a Saturday, try leaving on a Tuesday or a Wednesday to get to that island getaway. When you travel during the week or on those “off days”, you can often save up to 50% on fares. So consider traveling on less popular dates such as Tuesday and Wednesday.

3. Do your research and compare rates. There are great fares out there! Take the time to do some “comparison shopping”! You can also visit the website of multiple airlines and see what fares they advertise. If you see a great fare, then why not build a trip around that? Also, pay attention to blackout dates when researching airfare sales. Don’t rely only on published sales. Many times an airlines’ website will have great and unadvertised low fares.

4. Many times our friends and family get great deals and flights and for reasons beyond their control cannot take those scheduled trips. Sometimes, just sometimes, friends and family are eager to get rid of their airfare and even sell it to you at a reduced rate.

5. Just look around. During this time of year, airlines are broadcasting and advertising great deals. Read the fine print and inquire!

6. Do you live near a smaller regional airport? If so, consider flying out of that airport. Sometimes airfares are cheaper if you are able to fly out of smaller less congested airports.

Do you have tips for saving money on airfare? Share them and watch related video below!

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