It appears that America’s superficiality knows no bounds these days. Women (and men) are objectified on a daily basis and we are obsessed with looks. So it goes for how we now view our beer. Ok, maybe we don’t exactly objectify our beer but you get what I’m saying. Although, admittedly, my obsession with craft beer borders on objectophelia but that’s neither here nor there.

Turn on the TV and you’ll see how “the world’s most refreshing beer” turns “cold activated mountains” blue signifying its contents are cold – as if you couldn’t tell by picking the can up in your hand, right?

Thanks Coors! You’ve saved America the trouble of bending over to find out if their beer is cold or not. Our lower backs thank you!

miller lite bottle1 Tap Houston: Beauty Is On The Inside


Recently, Miller Lite redesigned their bottle. It is cool looking but how does that really change my beer drinking experience? Let us rejoice, America! Miller fans everywhere can gather with their friends who prefer Bud and Coors and mock them because their equally watery tasting Miller Lite now comes in a badass bottle!

I’m all for new innovation and improving product quality but the fact that the giddiness over a bottle redesign from 4sight (the company that redesigned the new Miller Lite bottle) President, Stuart Leslie is laughable but what he said in an article at is somewhat alarming if you’re an avid craft beer fan.

The beer category is focusing heavily on packaging design innovation and the new bottle from Miller Lite will take this category to new places,” said Leslie , president of 4sight. “We are proud to help Miller Lite use design as a tool to influence the market and continue to be an industry leader.”

Hmmm, that’s a head scratcher! Here’s another:

“Miller Lite is giving beer lovers a long-overdue reinvented look and drinking experience with the breakthrough new bottle design,” said Ryan Reis , senior director of Miller Lite.

Now what now??? What’s that about the look of a bottle and my drinking experience?

Granted, just about every craft beer brand gets creative with their labeling. That is out of artistic originality, however. Afterall, if I see a label on a beer I haven’t seen before that catches my eye, I tend to take a look at it. However, it’s the description of the beer that will determine whether I try it or not.

Here’s the thing. Everyone has their preferences and, frankly, I don’t want every person to be a craft beer dork like me, but its ridiculous to think the look of the bottle or the label changing colors on a beer container is going to change my beer drinking experience. It’s really no wonder big beer sales were down in Q1 of 2013 and the craft beer market is booming.

The only container that really matters in terms of the drinking experience and taste is the glass which depends on the style of the brew. Like a lot of things in our world these days, aesthetics have become the marketing objective as opposed to quality of product.

You can have your blue mountains and edgy new beer bottle, I’ll take the little guys’ blood, sweat, tears, heart, soul, and creativity that comes through on the palate with depth of flavor, strong aroma, and appreciation for the magic inside the bottle or can. Turns out it isn’t something “just ugly or fat people say”. Beauty really is on the inside!

Britt Hoffmann, Tap Houston

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