Where to begin HTown….

There is probably as much excitement around the city of Houston right now as one could hope for in the doldrums of the sports calendar.

Considering the Astros are historically bad, the Rockets are the favorite – in my opinion – to land the most controversial big-time free agent of the last decade in Dwight Howard and Your Houston Texans are once again in a position in the AFC to compete for a Super Bowl spot in NYC next February; it’s peachy-keen right now as May draws to a close.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, I know four years seems like a long time away, but it’s really not, and the question I never got to last night, will this Texan team be in a position to play in Super Bowl 51…? We’ll discuss that for another blog and show.

Speaking of last night, fun show. But that almost seems to be redundant when talking about the Fred and Ted Show, but ask yourself this reader and/or listener – would you rather have fun with your sports talk or lectured during your sports talk…?

Is your mind blown…? No, it shouldn’t be. You see where I’m coming from though.


OTAs continue to be a non-story for the most part. Yeah, we’ll talk about them, but there’s not a whole lot to glean at this point, as long as no one gets hurt – I’m talking to you Brandon Harris – then everybody goes home happy. Nut-cutting time doesn’t come until training camp, and that’s when Teddy and I will be out in full force giving you updates and wrap-ups from Training Camp. I’m looking forward to it because much like taking a class in college, watching football with a former professional football player is a real education. Sure I’ve watched football all my life, but the insight from somebody like Teddy J – who just so happened to play for Parcells, Carroll, and Belichick, is invaluable. So expect some damn good football talk once this stuff gets real in a few months.

Alright, time to set the table as far as what the next couple weeks are going to look like for all you Fred and Ted’ers out there. First off, if you have a friend – or friends for those of you that are real popular – and they’re not listening to Fred and Ted – shame on both of you’s.

Tell a friend. Peer Pressure can be a bitch, we know that, but c’mon, we’re free, funny, easy to listen to and you won’t have any regrets the next morning nor will you find yourself questioning where your life is at.

Not that I’ve ever done th… Moving along.

Awesome participation yesterday about the best burger in Houston. We need an official burger of the Fred and Ted Show and trust me, we’re working on that. You might see me walking, you might see me jogging, or you might see me at a local burger joint feeding my face grubbing. Either way, We’re hoping to put this thing together soon so we can put the F&T Stamp of Approval on Burgers in HTown.


Stay Tuned.

Working out with Fred and Ted. We’ve been throwing that idea around for a while, and once Memorial Day weekend is over, we plan on putting that MAF in-work – for all my Shipmates out there. We’ll find the gym, more than likely Ted’s gym, but we have to work out the logistics and all that, and then figure out how we decide the contest portion of it. Again, more on that to come.

Stay Tuned.

As for TONIGHT….


That’s right, we are going to make it right, tonight, tonight, to-ni-ight – Oh-OHHHHHHHH…

Who doesn’t love Phil Collins and Genesis…? You should if you don’t.

Tonight’s the last Fred and Ted of the week, so we’ve got a couple things that we’ll get to. You Better Get Organized, our segment that we debuted last week, which we would generally save for a Friday most likely, is getting pushed to today. The premise is simple. Who in your life or in the sports world – needs to get organized..?

I’ve got a couple ideas for tonight.

A recap on Ethan’s Big Night Out last night. The little Intern is going to come in and share with us how the night went, and the question that I know I have on my mind – will there be a date #2. Trust me, I’m not expecting that a HR was hit last night by our boy Ethan. But he’ll be in tonight to talk about it.

And last, but certainly not least, Humpday Haikus baby.

The Themes are as follows – Tania Ganguli Style Haikus about Texans OTAs – in reference to her creaming over how the players looked at OTAs on Monday. And the second theme is Lance Armstrong Butt Munching. I’ll leave it at that.

Who knows what else we’ll fit in to tonight’s show, but there will be laughs, and I sure hope you take time out between 6-10p tonight to listen to a lil Fred and Ted. See ya tonight.




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