600- Houston gets the Super Bowl!!! So… About that Astrodome….


630- Top 3

645- So wait, this putter thing in golf is actually like a big deal? I’m perplexed by this… And, if the guys on the PGA don’t use these, like you and me can’t use them? I’m confused by this…

Also, look! Sergio’s kind of racist! But worse than that, he’s a lazy racist! 

700- Houston gets the Super Bowl!

715- Tim Dobbins..what’s going on? He’s the one no show… And it’s a pretty damn important, and thin, spot right now…

730- Janis Schmees Burke from Harris County Sports Authority on the Super Bowl…

745- No Huddle… I’ve got to talk to Lopez about a Twitter back and forth I had… This sucks so much http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/story/_/id/9298675/vinny-del-negro-los-angeles-clippers-coach … Well done KD, and well done CBS Houston

800-830- John McClain

-How did it all go down?
-Did private planes and air strips really play a roll in this?
-What will happen with the dome?
-Best Super Bowl sites? 
-Worst Super Bowl sites?
-Did that giant video board really matter? Is that going to really be bigger than the one in Dallas?

830- NFL over unders! http://www.covers.com/articles/articles.aspx?theArt=321434

845- Over unders continued, plus, Sergio racist? Not only racist, but a lazy racist!

900- Super Bowl to Houston!

915- Headlines

930- My observations from being at OTAs… And what’s up with Dobbins?


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