HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Eating organic food is certainly a healthier alternative to foods that are processed and doused with chemicals. But when it comes to purchasing organic foods, it can become costly.

Check out some ways to save money when you choose to “go green” with your eats!

1. Coupons, Please! Many organic food companies publish their savings in the form of coupons. So check your daily as well as that beloved Sunday newspaper for great sales on organic milk, organic vegetables and other organic foods. You really could stack up the savings as you make the choice to consume healthier foods.

2. Special Offers Many times, special offers on organic foods can be found in stores. For example,I got a great deal or organic cereal. The cereal was “buy one, get one free”. So be on the lookout for specials and even ask the grocery store manager when you can expect to take part in future savings.

3. Local Organic Foods Purchasing locally grown organic foods is a great way to stock up on the savings. Not only are you strengthening your local economy, but you are saving more money in the process. Think about it… the foods do not have to be shipped far and you can even visit local organic farms to save even more on your favorite organic fruits and vegetables being grown “just right down the street from you”!

4. Subscribe and Save If you are truly an organic food connoisseur, then consider a program like Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program which can sometimes offer a 15 percent discount on food products (and other items).

5. Bliss in Bulk? Can you purchase your favorite organic foods in bulk? If so, consider it. For example, organic canned foods have a tremendous shelf life. If you find those foods on sale, perhaps you can purchase large quantities of them for future meals and truly save on great foods.

(Photo Credit:Miguel Villagran/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit:Miguel Villagran/Getty Images)

6. How Does Your Organic Garden Grow? Finally, another way to save on organic foods is to grow them your own organic garden. Personal organic gardens are great, very easy to maintain and have virtually very little start-up cost. If you grow your own fruits and vegetables organically, you can be assured that you are growing and consuming quality foods that are free of chemicals and pesticides!

Do you have additional ways to save on organic foods? Share them and watch the related video below!


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