This is it. Like a defense backed up inside its own five yard line and the offense threatening to take a lead with only a few yards separating a win or a loss, The Fred and Ted Show are up against it – and I don’t mean a break. Ethan’s Big Night Out is about to be just another Saturday Night for Ethan and yes, as usual, he ain’t got nobody.

That hurts my heart to say that, and to some extent, I’ll take the blame if we can’t get this kid a date for tomorrow night, but we essentially have only four hours tonight to seal the deal. Now, to borrow a quote from Half Baked, I’ve done more with less.

Thus, it’s not a complete impossibility that we can’t pull through on this and get this kid a temporary companion. However, Friday nights are tough because we’ve got a lot to battle – people get off work earlier on a Friday, they go out with friends, have other plans, and listening to Sports Radio isn’t as high on their list of things to do.

Adapt and overcome. That’s the mantra tonight. We’ll see.

In other Fred and Ted News…

A fun show last night. Thursdays are a little different because we don’t start until 7 pm after Texans All-Access, and starting an hour later doesn’t seem like it would make the show all that much different, yet there’s a particular vibe at 7 versus 6. Don’t ask me why, there just is. Ed Reed dominated the show, and Ted and I beat our chests a little bit considering we said the same thing that Dr. First – who is one of the best at what he does in the UNIVERSE – said on In the Loop Thursday morning – on May 6.

Did Ed Reed pull a fast one on the Texans. Essentially, yes. Was his intent malicious..? I don’t think so. Did he know something was wrong with his hip? No question. Did the Ravens know? More than likely. Did he suspect it could be a labral tear? Probably not, but he knew something wasn’t right, but hey, he took the physical, it didn’t get caught, so is that on the Texans or Ed Reed for not disclosing it? That’s one of those arguments that you can go in circles on all day long, yet the underlying theme should be – what’s this mean for his 2013 season? I say he misses the first four games of the season, comes back against SF, plays in the three games – @SF, STL, @KC – and then he has the bye week. Not ideal for your team’s Marquee Free Agent signing, but that’s the challenge that lies ahead for your two-time defending AFC South Champion.

And we STILL have no idea where Ed Reed is. Not that it’s any of our business.

Finally, we’re launching a new segment tonight…. It’s called ‘You better Get Organized.’

So you Better listen tonight to find out what it’s all about…

ALSO – LAST, but certainly not least – Fan Fest is this Sunday and Teddy J and I will be doing our thing throughout the five-hour event. Of course Ted will be signing autographs while I’ll be forging his signature on various items… Should make for a good time. The must-see event will be Ted and I on the main stage from 2-3 doing our on-air thing… Richmond Webb, Johnny Hendricks, Keenan McCardell and Jose Cruz will be our guests while we’re on. Don’t miss it folks, Fan Fest 2013 at the U of H Alumni and Athletic Center from Noon to 5. Don’t miss it.


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