HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Solar energy and solar power are great ways to truly “go green” when it comes to preserving our planet. There are ways you can use solar energy in throughout your home.

This “Think Green Thursday”, we explore some of the uses for solar energy throughout the home!

1. Heating Your Pool With Solar Energy Swimming pools provide endless hours of fun in the summer. From pool parties to a great way to stay in shape with morning swims, pools are great assets! The greatest joy is diving into a pool that is warm; there is nothing worse then enduring the wrath of a cold pool. So consider a solar blanket that will warm the water. For you “techies” out there, you could also invest in a solar hot water heating system. The system utilizes solar hot water heating panels that are placed on the roof of your home. Those panels then grab heat from the sun and then circulate it into the pool.

2. Heating Your Water With Solar Energy Did you know that you can also heat your water with solar energy? If you are currently using a furnace or a water heater to keep your water warm or hot, you may want to consider a system that utilizes solar energy. A friend of mine did such and even compared the cost to that of a water heater. She and her husband actually saved money on the solar energy system.

3. Solar Powered Ventilation Solar powered fans, are great ways to go green in your home. By using them, you can optimize and harness the natural energy of the sun. The fans can help circulate the air without the use of costly electricity.

4. Charge Your Batteries With Solar Power Solar power battery chargers can charge up to four equivalent D, C, AA and AAA sized batteries at any one time. A friend of mine bought one and it came with an adjustable stand to assist in positioning for the best angle toward the sun. She also uses her charger indoors by placing the charger directly in the sunlight. Even on overcast days she can still use it but the charger will take a bit more time to recharge the batteries completely.

Do you currently use solar energy/power in your home? Share the ways you use it and watch related video below!

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