Astros try to repair image … and, yeah, it goes about how you’d expect. Plus The General

600- Texans sign an RB, and ill be honest, on this particular team, 3rd strong RB is actually quite important… Allow us to explain


630- TOP 3…

645- NBA Playoffs

700- This is infuriating… my question is should it be prosecuted? Should twitter take action? And why the hell do people do it?

Same thing Beverly was going thru…

715- Astros Charity update! The final 4 paragraphs of this are just gold…

They take a shot at the Astros Wives, and then the Chronicle calls them on their sh t… 

Another instance of the Astros not understanding the importance of the message and PR…

730-900- John McClain…

-Deji Karim ladies and gentlemen! Yeah, about that…

745-NO HUDDLE…·         $130-million of taxpayer money for an arena – for DePaul?!:
·         The cost of staying NFL fit = $500,000:
·         Radio stunt Eagles fans (like Jonesy) will love – boo Donovan:
John McClain

-Does he remember a time the NFL and NFLPA were this at odds? I mean Goodell is questioning the existence of a survey, NFLPA is accusing collusion…. (Atallah on tomorrow)

-We touched on Chip Kelly yesterday… What is McClain most looking forward to next football season?

-Rookie Camp takeaways!

-Why was the general tweeting about Johnny Football?

-There is one positive about the preseason schedule, and that’s playing New Orleans in week 3…

-What is up with the Case Keenum attraction?

-This makes me sad… And makes me hesitant to ever give any opinion, to be honest 

-Mario Williams saga continues! 

900- Andrew Wiggins and Twitter and free speech…

915- headlines

930- Astros Update

945- I feel like the world needs a Zach Randolph update…


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