Greetings Fred and Ted’ers.

Let me welcome you to the Premiere of the ‘Pigeon-Toed with Tats’ Blog which is the official unofficial blog of the best evening show in the history of radio – The Fred and Ted Show. Basically, the blog will work like this, I’ll give you ideas of what Ted and I might talk about for our show, I’ll post links to stories and segments we talk about and of course there will always be random musings. Of course we’ll have some fun on here, posting some of the best texts from the week, the best Haikus from Haiku Humpday and any other tomfoolery we have going on, such as our current endeavor on F&T – getting Ethan our intern a date for ‘Ethan’s Big Night Out.’ So, this is the initial post, remember, it’s a work in progress folks, fluid, as we like to say on the show…. I appreciate everyone who listens to the show and checks out the blog…. We’ll see you tonight, 6-10p on Houston’s Sports Leader, Sports Radio 610.


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