600- Rockets season comes to a close… I say it was a resounding success… Disappointing final game—but don’t discount the loss of Delfino—and overall, a team that Vegas said would win around 36, ended up winning 45 and taking the 1 seed to 6 games…

I give Morey and McHale both an A-… Harden an A, and Asik and Parsons both an A+…

Now, Lin, he gets something like a C-/D+… And more on him at 7…


630- TOP 3…

645- So, Houston is getting a Super Bowl, at least it would appear that we are… And we did it without blowing up the Astrodome!

(Does this mean we will never blow up that Astrodome?)

700- Get ready Jeremy Lin… Going to be a tough offseason, and next year is not going to be ANY fun if you don’t play much, much better…

PLUS… How much better can this team be, as presently constituted?

715- Rockets discussion carried over a bit…

PLUS… Also, Ed Reed with arthroscopic surgery on his hip… I would say this doesn’t qualify as major news, but noteworthy all the same, and while it’s not awful news, there’s no way it’s good news…

730- WaWaWaWa! The city won’t pay for my play-pen! So I want to move somewhere else! http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/05/05/failure-of-stadium-bill-creates-bleak-future-for-dolphins-future/

Hey, for cities like Omaha or Waco, maybe spending the money necessary to build a stadium would make sense—to put your city on the map—but for major municipalities it’s completely ridiculous, and I’m glad Miami said no (even if the legislature didn’t really trust them to say no…)

Also, this will end up with Houston getting a Super Bowl, so that’s even better.

745- NO HUDDLE…. Really? There’s NOT A SINGLE JOB in the NFL for Tim Tebow? He has to go to TV? http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/raissman-nfl-espn-foxies-jump-tebow-article-1.1335143 … Where is Roger Goodell on this? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/05/04/lawsuits-piling-up-against-pilot-flying-j/

800- Can the Rockets just expect to “be better” next year… Because I think they actually can…

I know we will talk about what they need to add all offseason, but if Dwight/CP3 don’t come here, I really think this team can be better.

815- Ed Reed with some surgery… and by the way, who is going to be the 3rd string RB… That might sound like an unimportant question, but if Ben Tate is as injured as he was last year, then this is an important spot…  This is one spot where there are some good players available http://www.rotoworld.com/articles/nfl/42077/309/


845- Houston is getting a Super Bowl! And maybe, just maybe, what happened in Miami is the start of a trend in pro sports not having us pay for their teams…

PLUS… This is happening without the Astrodome getting blown up!

900- Jeremy Lin… This is your life. Get ready for it.


930- We all knew the Astros would be bad… But this is maybe worse than any of us could have expected… For those keeping track… They’re on pace to lose more than 120 GAMES!  They absolutely could lose 330 games over this 3 year span…

PLUS… How in the hell is LBJ not a unanimous MVP… Actually, I know how he’s not unanimous, because it just takes one dope not to vote for him, but still, this guy should lose his vote…

And I know, the argument is what does “valuable” really mean… But this year, no matter your definition, LBJ was the guy… And to think of where he was less than 1 year ago


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