Hopeful students are eager to either start or advance their careers. With the budding craze of social media, I.T. companies are thirsty for fresh talent that have a grasp on this head-spinning technological evolution. Many Houston I.T. companies need to build an online presence. As a result, enthusiastic professionals can get a foot in the door with social media and at the same time learn the ins and outs of I.T. operations.

Chris S. Lipari, president of Mach Interview, was one of 43 firms with tables at the InternInHouston jobs fair on April 21, 2003 at the River Oaks Crowne Plaza Hotel in Houston. His firm interviewed over 50 prospective new hires in sales and software development. Here’s what he has to say about the potential for those looking to enter the I.T. field.

Chris S. Lipari, president, Mach Interview (photo courtesy of Chris S. Lipari)

Chris S. Lipari, president, Mach Interview (photo courtesy of Chris S. Lipari)

What are some types of roles available within the I.T. field? 

“We are currently looking for software developers. There are more and more companies like mine that are growing right now and receiving a strong response. Only a few decades ago, there was that I.T. bubble in late 90s and early 2000s. This field sort of waxes and wanes, and we are on the rise again. There are many startups in Austin, Houston and surrounding areas that are doing really well, but they still need help. Take my company for example. It’s an I.T.-based company. Everything is surrounded by our I.T. infrastructure, so it’s very important that we get some good talent and good help.”

Technology has evolved in phases, from desktop computers to wireless technology. What are some of the causes for this evolution?

“Look at social media. It’s huge now. Everyone needs a Facebook page and a social media intern or a social media specialist. As a result of these new technologies, tech-based companies are spawning for all of these specialties. It really makes or breaks the business. For example, if we were not part of social media with a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account, my business would be hurting as a result.”

How many students would you say attended the InternInHouston jobs fair? 

“Altogether, I would think 200 to 300. Just at our table alone, we have seen 50 or 60. We are hiring for sales personnel, account management and software engineers.”

Marc Pembroke is a freelance writer covering all things Houston. His work can be found on Examiner.com.


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