600- Texans draft! I think they did pretty damn well, and not just because they picked one of my favorite players in the whole draft…

We now know what the major rotational lineups will look like…


630- Top 3…

645- Did the Texans make a mistake not taking a QB with that 95th pick? Lopez said all along they wouldn’t do it, and he was right… But should they have? Would it have been worth the risk and mini-controversy?

700- Is Brooks Reed moving inside? http://blog.chron.com/ultimatetexans/2013/04/kubiak-not-so-fast-to-move-reed-inside/ 

If, and this is a big if, IF Montgomery can play the Sam spot (and I’m skeptical) then I say yes, do it… If not, that is the weakest position on the whole team…

715- Quick thumbnail sketch on all the Texans picks… They drafted for two reasons: Need and massive upside. Not the safest draft ever past the first two picks…

730- Rockets lose, and in pretty devastating fashion… 

Also, I do look at this postseason as a nice little window into KD as the super duper star he is…

745- NO HUDDLE… Kobe makes a cameo!… People, cover up your webcams! http://gaw.kr/Yep98xg … Will any of the QBs or RBs from this draft class ever make a pro bowl?

800- Best and worst drafts around the league… I love what the Ravens did… I’m a little surprised by what the 49ers did… And I hate, absolutely hate, what the Patriots did.

815- So, it’s going to be the only Rockets off season story line, and now his season is over… Do you want Dwight Howard?

I’ve walffled on this issue again and again and again… At this point, I feel like, you’ve gotta say yes.


845- Should Houston have picked up one of those QBs (any of them other than Manuel and Geno?) at pick 95?

900- If Montgomery can play Brooks’ position, you’ve got to move Brooks inside… And it sounds like Reggie Herring is down with that idea… 

And if you can’t… That is where this team’s biggest weakness is, post draft…


930- Of the teams that matter… Who did the best and who did the worst over the weekend?


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