HOUSTON (CBS Houston) When you think about preserving our planet, there are simple ways you can help and that help can start today!

No monumental amount of money or energy is needed to begin to save our Earth today.

Simple tasks can really help you begin to save our planet so that it can be enjoyed by us and future generations to come. Here are ways to so do today:

1. Instead of asking for plastic bags for your groceries, grab or purchase mesh and reusable ones. I did so and I really feel good about my decision not to use plastic. Just a few bags of groceries… groceries in a reusable bag can really make a difference.

2. Turn off your computer at night or when it is not being used. I am one who loves to listen to the Internet radio stations all over the world. However,  I have cut down on the times I leave my computer on listening to Internet radio. Just a few hours a day of no computer on really helps! Try it!

3. Turn off those lights! When I was getting dressed for work this morning, I remembered this tip. I have a bathroom that connects to my walk-in closet. Having both the walk-in closet light on as well as the bathroom lights on is not necessary. I have enough light from my bathroom to pick out an outfit in my closet. The extra closet light is not needed. Where can you cut light and energy usage in your home? I bet you can find one place where unnecessary lighting exists.

4. Air dry the laundry. I have been air drying my laundry for quite some time now and not only do you cut down on energy usage, but your clothes hold the fabric softener scent and you smell wonderful! I have this theory that when you “cook” your clothes, you are “cooking” the life and wonderful scents out of them. So hang your clothing dry in your laundry room or in your closet. Your clothes and the planet will thank you!

5. Cut down on those napkins and paper towels. I used to be one who needed a fresh napkin every time I had to wipe my mouth after a bite of a meal. One day, I looked in the garbage bag that was housing my old, dirty napkins and I had 11 napkins in there! (I know…come and arrest me.) I said to myself:” I can cut this paper usage in half.” I made up in my mind to do so and I did!

6. Can You Walk it out? I love where I live. I am within walking distance from gas stations, pharmacies and stores and restaurants. Each Sunday I have made a consorted effort to walk to go and get Sunday dinner. Instead of driving, wasting gas and spending time finding a parking space, I now walk to the store or to the restaurant to get my Sunday evening meals. Not only do I burn calories, but I help to not contribute to pollution!

7. Plant a garden. Grab some wonderful vegetable seeds from your local garden store and plant them. Read the directions and simply plant a wonderful garden! The possibilities for goodness for the earth and yourself are endless!

Do you have quick environmental tips that can you can implement now? Share them and watch related video by clicking here!


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