By DEEPI SIDHU, SportsRadio 610

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – With the 2013 NFL draft just hours away, several scenarios abound that preclude the Texans picking at the 27th position altogether.  With yesterday’s pre-draft press conference, General Manager Rick Smith alluded to the possibility changing draft positions in the first round.

“In this draft there are a lot of players that we like in the mid-rounds and I think some players that can impact your football team. I think maybe we’ve had one draft since I’ve been here that I didn’t execute a trade.”

Smith did trade down from the 18th to the 26th pick in 2008 to select left tackle Duane Brown.  While there is a possibility of the Texans trading out of the first round altogether, don’t cancel that Thursday draft party just yet.  If Smith trades out of the first round, it will be his first time doing so for the Texans.  Smith does like the advantage of picking at 27th.

“I do think that the 27th spot is an attractive spot from the standpoint that historically you look back and there are teams that come back into the draft in the latter part of the round if a player is there they have targeted earlier. So I think we’ll have some flexibility but I am confident if we don’t, we’ll get a good player. But we’ll be open.”

The Texans also have the option of moving up to snag a player that fits their draft needs.  Smith did not rule out the possibility trading the 27th pick to move up on the draft board for a highly-valued player still available.

“Just depending on the way that the board falls, there may be a player that we’ve got a certain value on that’s all of the sudden available and we may want to go up and get him.”

As for the million-dollar question as to whether or not the Texans will add another wide receiver with a  first-round pick, Smith remained elusive.

“I think we could use some help at the wide receiver position. I was very impressed last year with the progress of DeVier Posey late. Obviously, unfortunately he had the injury. But I do think that his rehab process is going well. I liked what I saw in Keshawn’s (Martin) development. So we’ve got some good young receivers. I think we can add a player there. We lost (FB) James Casey in free agency, so that could be a potential spot as well. I think you can always add depth on your offensive and defensive lines. I just think that’s something you always have to do when you talk about not just next year, but thinking long-term.”

The Texans’ needs are defined and players have been ranked according to those positions.  On Draft Day, Rick Smith and the Texans plan to stick to their well-guarded draft board and game plan.

“We’re going to take the players in this draft according to the value. If we hit on a guy at a position of need at that corresponding value, it would be a home run. We’ll be happy.”


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