HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Life can become difficult at times. There are deadlines to meet, goals to accomplish, tasks that pile up and trying to handle it all can be stressful.

Did you know that there are ways you can alleviate your stress instantly? You can summon peace and calmness in the midst of life’s storms. Check out easy ways to alleviate your stress that will only take minutes of your time!

1. Grab hold of a healthy snack. I know that life can throw curve balls at me at any time so I always keep on hand fresh fruit and delicious, yet healthy snacks such as raisins and granola. A healthy snack can really help you to relax as you focus on your tasty food. Think about its texture and think about how you are putting nutrients and vitamins in your body for fuel. Just a small snack can really do wonders for your peace.

2. Looking out at a window. When I feel stressed, I take a view outside of a window and think things through. Being reminded of natural beauty can really have a calming effect and remind you that you are a free individual.

3. Take a walk. Are you feeling a bit down? Take a walk. I live near a park and I take advantage of that park’s trail every chance I get. Just a 15 minute walk can do wonders for your stress levels.

4. Stretch it out. Are you feeling fatigued along with stressed? Stretch your body for more clarity and stability.

5. Do you “mind”? Allow your mind to simply think of pleasant thoughts or a pleasant outcome. Our minds are one of the most if not the most powerful organ we have. Use it to bring about what you want with the power of creative visualization.

6. Find the funnies. Get lost in a great sitcom or find a comedian on the tube or the Internet who is telling some great jokes. Get your laugh on and feel peaceful!

7. Phone a friend. Some folks are really good at simply listening… there is no advice or plan of action that they will have you follow. Simply talk to a friend and let it out.

8. Pets Pets are great stress-reliving four-legged friends. Grab your pet and go for a walk or play that game they love with the ball or yarn. Get lost in a fun activity with your pet for more peace and tranquility.

9. Listening to soothing music. Are folks at work getting on your nerves? Grab the headphones and get that music going. Find music that is soothing to your soul.

10. Remember to breathe! Sometimes when we are stressed, we forget to breathe. We feel that life is urgent and our breaths should be as well. Breathe and allow yourself to just relax.

What are ways you de-stress that only take you minutes? Sound off and watch related video by clicking here.


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