Texans quarterback T. J. Yates (credit: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Texans quarterback T. J. Yates (credit: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

The Texans have executed 15 draft day trades, including one last year. It was the eighth executed by Texans General Manager and Executive Vice President of Football Operations Rick Smith. Of Smith’s eight draft-day deals, six have resulted in the Texans moving back and acquiring additional picks.

Below is a look at those trades and who was selected with those acquired picks.



Year Trade Partner Gave Up Received
2012 Tampa Bay 2nd round (58) 3rd round (68 – DeVier Posey)
    7th round (233) 4th round (126 – Jared Crick)
2011 Washington 4th round (105) 4th round (127 – Roc Carmichael)
    6th round (178) 5th round (144 – Shiloh Keo)
      5th round (152 – T.J. Yates)
2011 New England 3rd round (73) 2nd round (60 – Brandon Harris)
    5th round (138)  
2010 Kansas City 3rd round (93) 4th round (102 – Darryl Sharpton)
      5th round (144 – Sherrick McManis)
2010 New England 2nd round (62) 2nd round (58 – Ben Tate)
    5th round (150)  
2010 Minnesota 2nd round (51) 2nd round (62 – traded)
      3rd round (93 – traded)
2008 Baltimore 1st round (18) 1st round (26 – Duane Brown)
      3rd round (89 – Steve Slaton)
      6th round (173 – Dominique Barber)
2007 New Orleans 4th round (107) 4th round (123 – Fred Bennett)
      5th round (163 – Brandon Frye)
2005 New Orleans 1st round (13) 1st round (16 – Travis Johnson)
      2006 3rd round (66 – Eric Winston)
2004 Jacksonville 5th round (159) 6th round (175 – Jammal Lord)
      7th round (210 – Raheem Orr)
2004 Tennessee 2nd round (40) 1st round (27 – Jason Babin)
    3rd round (71) 5th round (159 – traded)
    4th round (103)  
    5th round (138)  
2003 Indianapolis 5th round (138) 2004 4th round (122 – Glenn Earl)
2003 Oakland 3rd round (83) 2004 2nd round (supplemental –
    7th round (262) Tony Hollings)
2003 New England 2nd round (36) 2nd round (41 – Bennie Joppru)
    4th round (117) 3rd round (75 – Seth Wand)
2002 Atlanta 4th round (116) 2003 3rd (88 – Dave Ragone)



Apr. 21, 2002: Traded fourth-round pick in 2002 to Atlanta in exchange for 2003 third-round pick (88th overall-Dave Ragone).

Apr. 26, 2003: Traded second-round pick (36th overall) and fourth-round pick (117th overall) to New England for second-round pick (41st overall-Bennie Joppru) and third-round pick (75th overall-Seth Wand).

Apr. 26, 2003: Traded third-round pick (83rd overall) and seventh-round pick (262nd overall) to Oakland in exchange for 2004 second-round pick (supplemental draft pick-Tony Hollings).

Apr. 27, 2003: Traded fifth-round pick (138th overall) to Indianapolis for 2004 fourth-round pick (122nd overall-Glenn Earl).

Apr. 24, 2004: Traded second round pick (40th overall), third-round pick (71st overall), fourth-round pick (103rd overall) to Tennessee in exchange for first-round pick (27th overall-Jason Babin); also exchanged fifth-round picks (138th to 159th overall) with Tennessee.

Apr. 25, 2004: Traded fifth-round pick (159th overall) to Jacksonville in exchange for sixth-round pick (175th overall-Jammal Lord) and seventh-round pick (210th overall-Raheem Orr).

Apr. 23, 2005: Traded first-round pick (13th overall) to New Orleans in exchange for first round pick (16th overall-Travis Johnson) in 2005 draft and third-round selection in 2006 draft (66th overall-Eric Winston).

Apr. 29, 2007: Traded fourth-round draft pick (107th overall) to the New Orleans Saints in exchange for the Saints 2007 fourth-round pick (123rd overall-Fred Bennett) and a 2007 fifth-round pick (163rd overall-Brandon Frye).

Apr. 26, 2008: Traded first-round pick (No. 18 overall) to the Baltimore Ravens for first-round pick (No. 26 overall-Duane Brown) a third-round pick (89th overall-Steve Slaton) and a sixth-round pick (173rd overall- Dominique Barber).

Apr. 23, 2010: Traded second-round pick (51st overall) to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for Minnesota’s second- and third-round picks (62nd and 93rd, respectively). Traded the 62nd  overall pick and a fifth-round pick (150th overall) to New England 58th overall pick in Round 2 (RB Ben Tate). Traded the 93rd pick, to Kansas City in exchange for fourth-round pick (102nd overall – LB Darryl Sharpton) and a fifth-rounder (144th overall – CB Sherrick McManis) from the Chiefs.

April 29, 2011: Traded a third- (73rd overall) and fifth-round (138th overall) pick with New England for a second-round (60th overall) pick. Houston selected Miami CB Brandon Harris with its new pick.

April 30, 2011: Acquired a fourth-round pick (127th overall) and two fifth-round picks (144th and 152nd) from the Washington Redskins in exchange for the Texans’ original fourth-round pick (105th overall) and sixth-round pick (178th). With their picks, Houston selected Virginia Tech CB Roc Carmichael (127th overall), Idaho S Shiloh Keo (144th) and North Carolina QB T.J. Yates (152nd) with those acquired picks.

April 27, 2012: Traded second- and seventh-round picks (58th and 233rd overall to Tampa Bay for picks in the third and fourth rounds. The Texans selected WR DeVier Posey with the 68th overall pick and DE Jared Crick with the 126th overall pick.


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