We all want to look our best in our clothing so when it comes to those times where the hem falls, the button pops, a stain appears, or another “wardrobe malfunction” happens, it’s time to act fast!

It’s a common fact (at least to us women) to have a that “fashion emergency kit” that contains some safety and straight pins, some “super glue”, a bottle of clear nail polish, some hair spray, a sewing kit and some tape. With your tools at hand, check out how you can use them to save your clothes until you get to your home or your tailor:

1. Broken bra strap or fallen hem? To remedy a fallen bra strap of hem, reach for that safety pin in that “bag of tricks.” If you do not have the pin handy, then consider duct tape; I have used both before and both are effective. The sticky side of that duct tape contains little threads that are able to hold and secure the hem line or bra strap together, till the time you are able to go home or find a replacement garment or safety pin. When those desperate times hit, I have been known to staple my skirt’s fallen hem. If you do opt to staple your skirt, just ensure that you do not have the sharper edges of the staple directly touching your skin as it may hurt you! Trust me… I know from experience.

2. Man! A run in the stocking! For the simple reason stockings can run and I always seem to purchase the pair that will run as soon as I arrive out in public somewhere, I have stopped wearing them. Living in Houston, it really makes little difference. However, if you enjoy the look of stockings and you have a run in them, then reach inside of your bag (as mentioned above) and grab that clear nail polish. Clear nail polish really helps to stop a run in its tracks! Also, if there is no polish on hand, then take a “small dot” of “super glue” and you can stop the run as well. I do not recommend putting tape on your stocking; that could cause a very long and tumultuous mess. Firm hold hair spray is also good at stopping a run when sprayed directly on that run.

Did you get ink on your shirt? Hair spray gets it out! (Photo Credit: Yamada Taro/Getty Images)

Did you get ink on your shirt? Hair spray gets it out! (Photo Credit: Yamada Taro/Getty Images)

3. Ink on the shirt? So you have a great meeting and you get ink on your shirt or blouse. No need to fear. Remember that hair spray I mentioned above? Well, spray it on your shirt and watch the ink disappear! When I was an intern back in the day, one of the senior partners told me such. The trick to getting the ink out is to use a hair spray that indicates “strong hold” or “maximum hold” for hair. The stronger your hair spray is, the quicker the ink stain will dissolve. Now you are going to walk around with a “crispy piece” of clothing but hey… that ink will be gone. Make sure you take that shirt or blouse to a professional so it can be dry cleaned.

4. WTF!? A Broken Shoe Heel? Ladies, we have perhaps all experienced breaking a heel at the office. There is no need to panic. First of all, Your “crazy glue” will certainly help that heel and help it fast. Now if you are not able to get access to glue, then consider this: chewing gum will help keep it place until you can get home. That’s right… grab some chewing gum, chew it and place it where the break is in the shoe. No, it is not the sturdiest way to secure your heel but at least it will be secure long enough to hold it in place. Just try not to place too much pressure on your broken heel while walking.

5. You popped a button? We all know that a sewing kit will help with a popped button but let’s say you do not have one handy. Your clear nail polish or “crazy glue” will work to secure that button until you can get it sewn back on.

6. “Balls” On the Sweaters? The correct term for balls on sweaters or knits is “Pilling”. You notice those “balls” at the office and they did not make an appearance at home? Then try running the sticky side of the duct tape on them. The glue off of the tape will pull the unsightly tufts off. Also, if you have a sharp edge, like a razor, then carefully run it on your sweater and the balls will come off. Make sure you are not heavy handed and you tear your knit. Scissors can cut the balls off as well. Now if you opt to use them or that razor, make sure you do not cut any underlying yarns that may lead to holes on the surface of the sweater or knit.

7. Stuck Zipper? So you are at the office and your zipper gets stuck. Go into the bathroom and get some soap. I did this once when my favorite black pencil skirt’s zipper got stuck. I took a drop of soap from the company’s restroom, placed it on my stuck zipper and the zipper was nice and slick and the skirt zipped up.

Do you have quick fashion fixes you would like to share? Add them to our list while enjoying related video by clicking here.


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