HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – Several people who know Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, say they never thought this guy could ever hurt anybody. They’re all so “shocked,” according to multiple interviews. But his Twitter account tells a different story.

There are dozens of Tweets below that reveal a man with animosity toward mankind. There are references to the Boston Marathon, needing an assault rifle and getting back at others. He Tweets about children, religion, women, strange observations and disturbing thoughts.

 Interesting, Weird, Disturbing Tweets By The Second Bombing SuspectJahar


Salam aleikum

17 Apr – I’m a stress free kind of guy

16 Apr – So then I says to him, I says, relax bro my beard is not loaded

16 Apr@therealAbdul_ #heavy I’ve been looking for those, there is a shortage on the black market if you wanna make a quick buck, nuff said..

15 Apr – There are people that know the truth but stay silent & there are people that speak the truth but we don’t hear them cuz they’re the minority

15 Apr@MelloChamp and they what “god hates dead people?” Or victims of tragedies? Lol those people are cooked

15 Apr – Ain’t no love in the heart of the city, stay safe people

11 Apr – Most of you are conditioned by the media

7 Apr – If you have the knowledge and the inspiration all that’s left is to take action

28 Mar – No one is really violent until they’re with the homies

24 Mar – you will have to make tough decisions today and those decisions will influence your future, hardships will arouse and yu will roll up loud

21 Mar – Once you feel you are avoided by someone, never disturb them again

20 Mar – Evil triumphs when good men do nothing

18 Mar – People come into your life to help you, hurt you, love you and leave you and that shapes your character and the person you were meant to be

17 Mar – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil until the morning alarm goes off and all hell unleashes

11 Mar – people that say “I hate posts about religion like stop trying to convert me” and then go on to post some s**t about jersey shore #ihateyou

10 Mar – Never underestimate the rebel with a cause

6 Mar – Death is the destroyer of all pleasures

27 Feb – “Studying” is just a combination of the words student and dying

29 Jan – I got these bros that I’d take a bullet for, in the leg or the shoulder or something nothing fatal tho

23 Jan – If I’m ever not picking up the phone don’t assume something like death, naaah I’m f**king with deaths cousin #sleep #shemygoto #yafeelme

19 Jan – To be honest, I don’t care for those people that wanna commit suicide, your life b, do what you think will make you happy #selfishbastards

18 Jan – Don’t seek the satisfaction of other people because 1. Its a waste of your time and 2. It’s just impossible

16 Jan – Breaking Bad taught me how to dispose of a corpse

15 Jan – I don’t argue with fools who say islam is terrorism it’s not worth a thing, let an idiot remain an idiot

7 Jan – I need to go back to school, no freedom out here for a brother #imlockeduptheywontletmeout

5 Jan – I don’t like when people ask unnecessary questions like how are you? Why so sad? Why do you need cyanide pills?

2 Jan – I’ve become a hermit

31 Dec – I meet the most amazing people, spent the day with this Jamaican Muslim convert who shared his whole story with me, my religion is the truth

24 Dec – Brothers at the mosque either think I’m a convert or that I’m from Algeria or Syria, just the other day a guy asked me how I came to Islam

21 Dec – All this talk about the world ending triggered a zombie apocalypse dream last night, weak part was only gettin to 1st base before worlds end

16 Dec – Off with a warning jakes got nothing on me #speedingticketappealed #recordstillclean #ridingdirty #theyllnevercatchme ahaha feel meee

10 Dec – No matter where life takes me you’ll still find me with a smile

3 Dec – it takes a lot of faith to elude hypocrisy

 29 Nov – I kind of like religious debates, just hearing what other people believe is interesting and then crushing their beliefs with facts is fun

28 Nov

Free Palestine

 11 Nov – I’m from the murder capital, where they murder for capital

 9 Nov – People that don’t know how to apologize will be sorry one day

 9 Nov – my dad’s reaction to rap music on the radio always made me laugh #imissthatman

 30 Oct – Roam in your own zone or get kidnapped and clapped in your dome. We got it sewn, The Firm art of war is unknown

 30 Oct – Если б знала ты сердцем упорным, Как умеет любить хулиган

25 Oct – teachings of equality started in the 7th century, it took up until the 19th century for slavery to be abolished #humanraceproblems

23 Oct – if you have money and you’re not happy, than you must be living a pretty pathetic life

22 Oct – i won’t run i’ll just gun you all out #thugliving

22 Oct – karma will hit you after I do

1 Octbut what’s it all worth, can’t take it when you under this Earth

17 Sep – Find your place and your purpose and make a plan for the future. Occasionally be spontaneous #livelife

10 Aug – my bro left these christian missionaries second guessing their own religion

10 Aug@therealAbdul_ boston marathon isn’t a good place to smoke tho

8 Aug – i wish i could apologize to the kids i bullied at a young age #iwasonsomef**kery i’m talking like first/second grade though. I’ve changed!

28 Jul – this man steven changed his name to Muhammad doing big things this #ramadan

17 Jul – 3rd zombie apocalypse dream in a span of like 2 weeks, i’m no golden boy but maybe, just maybe we should be expecting something soon, tbc..

15 Jul – so much hate i need a ak

7 Jul – im not a hustler, im a business man

24 Jun – if theres one thing i love, it’s a beautiful girl with beautiful curls

19 Jun – little kids bring nothing but joy into the house and a lot of noise too (What about the child who was killed on Marathon Monday and the other children who suffered horrific injuries? –AMR)

11 Jun – love for your brother what you love for yourself

30 May – how can people be pessimistic and dwell on things that haven’t even happened yet

30 May – it’s no coincidence that i almost crashed into an asian dude…

20 May@therealAbdul_ had you not put “real” in your twitter name i would have never known it was you, unless you’re not the real deal.. s’good tho

16 May – everyone becomes a story, strive not to be fake in yours

13 May – life here in the U.S is ill without a doubt but life elsewhere is surreal

13 May – f**k f**k f**k the police but #happymothersday (But in your case, using the F-word before the word police implies your desire to assassinate them. –AMR)

8 May – we want what we can’t have and the things that we can have just don’t satisfy

5 May – you’ve been hit by a smooth criminal

4 May – ignorance is bliss and we need that s**t

4 May – I want to be as free as the spirits of those who left

1 May – freedom, we could use some of that especially where we from (You’ll never know freedom again. –AMR)

1 May – its so loud inside my head, too many thoughts #longnight

29 Apr – proud to be from #chechnya

12 Apr 12 – one day you will close your eyes, forever.

12 Apr 12 – salat makes one strong #islam

5 Apr 12 – When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep — not screaming, like the passengers in his car. (Or in a prison cell… –AMR)

5 Apr 12 – how i miss my home land #dagestan #chechnya

28 Mar 12 – stop worrying about the spec in my eye while you got a log in yours, my perspective on things, my view, my decisions shouldn’t concern you

14 Mar 12 – i hold my own i got that #chechnyanpower

a title=”5:32 AM – 14 Mar 12″ href=”″>14 Mar 12 – a decade in america already, i want out

13 Feb 12 – mama, im a criminal (I’m pretty sure she knows by now. –AMR)


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