When it comes to saving our earth, there are ways we can conserve many of the resources that are used on a regular basis; water is one of them.

Check out simple ways we can conserve one of the most precious and vital resources that we must use on a regular basis, water.

1. Full Loads Washing clothes and dishes is a necessity but are you conserving your water when you do so? I used to waste lots of water by only washing a few items or a few dishes at a time. I would view my water bill and see how much money I was spending on a regular basis. The dollars were adding up! Instead of washing a few items, I now wait for my dishwasher to be full and then I run it. Since I live alone, my dishwasher does not fill up frequently. The same holds true for my washing machine. I wait for the dirty clothes pile to be “plentiful” before I turn my washing machine on. Allow your appliances to be “maxed out” with items before you run them; you really are saving water in the long run by running full loads.

2. Brushing Teeth I have to admit this and then you can call the local police: I used to be the one person who turns on the water and allows it to run at least 30 seconds before I brushed my teeth. I no longer participate in such as wasteful practice and I try to use as less water as I can when brushing them. For example, I load my toothbrush with paste and baking soda and then brush… no water. Brushing teeth can consume lots of water but it does not have to. Simply ask yourself, “where can I cut corners?” and do so when brushing teeth.

3. Lock Those Leaks! I used to have a faucet drip constantly and I thought nothing of its constant dripping. But little did I know that my money along with the water that was dripping out of the faucet was going down the drain! So watch leaks in your home and fix them so that you are not wasting money as well as water.

(Photo Credit: Paul Taylor/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Paul Taylor/Getty Images)

4. Rain, Rain…Use Again! I have two glorious house plants that are really wonderful. When it comes time to water them, I water them as usual, with rain water I collected from outdoors. The next time there is rain in the forecast, take a small bucket, allow the bucket to collect your rain water from outside and save that water for your plants. It’s a great alternative to turning on your faucets and obtaining water that way.

5. Short Showers I will admit… sometimes the stresses of the day call for a hot, long shower. Sometimes, however, I feel as if I stay in the shower longer than I need to. Are you one who has to sing, dance and perform a scene from a play while showering? It may be time to save the entertainment for times when you are dry. Cutting showers can really help with conserving water in the home. By cutting shower times during the week, you could save up to five gallons of water that could be used for another purpose!

Do you have additional ways you conserve the water in your home? Share them and watch related video by clicking here.

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