HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Congratulations on your commitment to engage in yoga! Yoga is one of the most enthralling health practices and its benefits can be felt almost immediately. As a yoga enthusiast, the first thing you will do is buy a yoga mat and a yoga suit.

Soon, you will want to purchase some clothing for classes. What are the best articles of clothing that will ensure you have a great class? Check out these tips for purchasing the perfect yoga clothes.

Although there really is no uniform clothing rule that you must adhere to for yoga, your clothing for class should be comfortable. For me, I love purchasing great clothing that is on sale and made especially for movement and comfort.

The first purchase you should make should be yoga bottoms. I say yoga bottoms as opposed to yoga pants because I am not a “yoga pants” person. I love wearing shorts in my yoga class. I find that pants can be too restricting for me but if you are one who loves yoga pants, then purchase away! Regardless of if you purchase shorts or pants, your clothing that covers your bottom should be made of fabrics that allow comfort. Most yoga pants and shorts are made from cotton or synthetic knits that are lightweight and stretchy. Make sure you check local stores for great deals. I would not recommend purchasing these used. New yoga pants and shorts are healthy and will allow great freedom for you in class.

Regardless of if you wear pants or shorts to yoga, both should be comfortable. 9Photo Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Regardless of  your choice to wear pants or shorts to yoga, both should be comfortable. (Photo Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

When it comes to yoga tops, there are a multitude of styles to choose from. What works best for me are sleeveless tops that are made of a cotton/knit blend. I love how they absorb my sweat! Also one very important component of my yoga tops are the built-in support systems for my breasts. Many yoga/exercise tops have a “sports bra” compartment that allows support as you exercise and stand in yoga poses in class. Those tops that do not have the built-in support for breasts are still a great buy as they “hold” you in place during class. Many retailers offer these tops for prices. I found all of mine for under $10.00!

Regardless of what you choose for your yoga attire, yoga clothes should be comfortable and made of lightweight materials so they can be easily washed. Clothes that are made of pure cotton are highly recommended because they allow the body to breathe. I am not a fan of t-shirts during yoga class as they can be quite restricting. Even men should consider a ribbed t-shirt for yoga class as opposed to a t-shirt. Also when considering clothing choices, choose clothing that is not too small or too large. Yoga class is not a fashion show; you can allow yourself to be at peace with your body and purchase clothing that is a proper fit. You will find that all of the students in there are focused on well being rather than what they look like. You are beautiful and are engaging in an activity that will evoke feelings of wellness, peace and tranquility. So Namaste!

Will you be apart of a yoga class soon? Watch the related video to learn more about yoga clothes by clicking here.

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