We all strive to keep our bodies clean and anything that is a living organism must be replenished and cleansed; the same holds true for your hair. Did you know that there is a “wrong” as well as a “right” way to shampoo? Check out the following tips that ensure you will “successfully suds your way” to healthy hair!

1. Too Much of a Good Thing? Many experts and professionals agree that for many of us, there is no harm in shampooing your hair every day. Although many professionals do make the argument that when you wash your hair every day, the natural oils and nutrients in our hair go down the drain along with the shampoo. So what is best for you when it comes to shampooing? Well, it depends upon your lifestyle and the texture of hair. I once had a friend who washed her hair every day because it would be packed with oil at the end of each day. I had another friend who used to wash her hair once a week. In between washes, she would take a spray bottle filled with a mild astringent and rose water for a “clean massage”. Only you know what’s best and what shampooing practices will bring health and vitality to your hair.

2. A “dab” Will Do Ya! My mom is a firm believer in a “little going a long way” and chances are you have at least one parent who is the exact same. A similar principle can be held to shampooing the hair. When you are washing your hair, for many of us, a quarter-sized dollop of shampoo will do the trick. Depending on the length of your hair as well as its texture, you have to determine what is a great amount for your hair, without weighing your hair down. The same holds true for conditioners. As a young woman, I believed that my hair had to be coated with conditioner. Instead of coating the hair with soap and conditioning products, allow a generous supply of both to be worked in your hair to ensure its vitality and health. It’s not necessary to pack on the hair cleaning agents.

152876613 Wellness Wednesdays: Hair Shampooing And Creating Success With Suds!

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3. Keep It “Cool” When washing your hair with hot water you are really damaging your hair. That hot water strips your hair of nutrients. So the next time you are washing your hair, keep your water warm to tepid. Ready for that last rinse? Then keep the water cool. Cool water helps to seal that cuticle. Using water that is hot or scalding can “cook” your hair. No one wants cooked hair and to be referred to as a “hot head” so ” keep it cool” when it comes to hair washing water.

4. Baking Soda Did you know that for an ultimate clean, you should wash your hair with baking soda? It’s true. Baking soda is great at removing build up from hair spray, gels and previous shampoos. I also fill up my sink with some baking soda and hair shampoo and clean my brushes every week with the concoction.

5. Use The “Air Up There” Instead of blowing your hair dry with a blow dryer, opt to let it air dry. If you are worried about wispy ends, then take a serum or a dab of olive oil, place on wet hair, brush through and await dry, healthy and contained hair without the blow dryer.

6. Read Labels Many hair shampoos on the market offer great shampoos that contain vitamins and nutrients within in them for strong and clean hair. However, there are other ingredients in shampoos that may not be so great for hair. So talk to a professional about what you should be using on your hair. I once heard a great tip from a stylist: “If you cannot pronounce it, then you should not put it in your hair.”

What are your tips for great looking and healthy hair? Share them below and enjoy this related video by clicking here!


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