600- Hey look… Ed Rush stepped down!

Plus, Final Four thoughts…

615- Headlines

630- Top 3…

645- Did Gallinari blow his ACL… If so, then that’s the matchup Houston wants…

Plus, speaking of injuries… I have a confession

700- Mike Florio

715- Matt Bitonti from Draft Daddy

730- Houston Improv

745- No Huddle

800-1000- Ted Johnson (will send Ted’s thoughts along when I get them)

830- NOYB

915- Headlines

Also, here’s Brien’s stuff, all of which I like and we can use thruout 8-10 if Ted doesn’t sent stuff along…

·         Chris Broussard thinks H’town is the best option for Howard:http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/9133623/nba-pros-cons-2013-free-agent-dwight-howard-going-atlanta-los-angeles-dallas-houston
·         Stockholm syndrome?: http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/9135440/two-rutgers-players-defend-fired-coach-mike-rice
·         Preseason schedule: @Min, Mia, NO (FOX), @Dal
·         Draft format for Pro Bowl: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/blog/jason-la-canfora/22008394/nfl-likely-to-draft-format-for-next-pro-bowl
·         Ed Rush resigns: http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/story/22008470/pac12-head-of-officials-rush-resigns-after-comments-about-zona-coach
·         Maybe the NFL ain’t ready: http://www.newsday.com/sports/football/glauber-s-nfl-hot-reads-1.811959/brendon-ayanbadejo-says-role-in-gay-rights-issue-one-reason-he-was-cut-1.5010373?qr=1

Ted’s thoughts…

1.  Mark Emertt and the NCAA have had a lot of problems lately.  There are too many examples of the NCAA exploiting the athletes and its not right (btw…Emertt makes 1.6 mil).  Coaches/schools making way too much money/having too much power and at the expense of the armature athlete.
>Mike Rice/Tim Pernetti
>Penn St/Joe Pa/Administrators
>Auburn FB….getting kids better grades/paying them to stay
>Steve Alford…he can break his contract without penalty but the athletes can’t.
>Bobby Petrino….screwing his secretary and his players
>Kevin Ware t-shirts..”rise to the occasion”
Note….former UCLA/NBA player Ed O’bannon is suing the NCAA for using players images/likeness.
2. There is a chance the draft format could be used to decide the teams in the Pro Bowl.  Does that enhance the game?   
3.  Eric Murdock was seeking 950k for “wrongful termination” last Dec just after Mike Rice was suspended 3 games and 50k.  His salary as Director of Player Development was 70k.
4.  Dude let Lance Armstrong swim for god sakes……the Masters South Central Zone Swimming Championships at the U.T won’t let him participate in the event bc he was a doper/liar/cheat/asshole.  Well…maybe they shouldn’t let him swim.
5.  Stevie Johnson thinks North Korea should bomb Foxboro, MA first:))
6.  The NFL will debut this year camera’s in the home teams locker room and show footage to fans in attendance at the games.  The hope is that it will enhance the in stadium experience.  Wow can you imagine…
>Guys getting injected with Toradol shots
>”Effect the head” speeches from coaches like Greg Williams
>”Fuck those motherfuckers” speeches from coaches like Pete Caroll.
>Boring ass “Do your job” speeches from Bill Belichick
>Guys reading bibles
>Guys reading Hustler
>Fat guys sitting in their jockstraps reading “Gameday” programs.
>Rookies throwing up
7.  Violent crimes are a concern in 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.  Especially after a woman was gang raped in a taxi last weekend while her boyfriend was beaten.  Anyone feel like going to Rio soon???  Refer to the Yahoo Sports article…
8.  Rockets….if the Rockets take a team to a game 6/7 in the first round of the playoffs how are we feeling about this team for next year? 
>I liked the line-up with Greg Smith starting
>Bring D-Mo off the bench with regular reserves
>Terrence Jones deserves more time.  Dude can rebound.
>The emergence of TJ doesn’t bode well for T-Rob
>How good is Chandler Parsons/Omar Asik been for this team??
9.  Dr. Jack Ramsey (88 yrs old) is expected to retire after this season.  He’s been involved in the NBA for 60 years (Coach/GM/Broadcaster).  He lost his best friend/colleague Jim Durham last Nov.  He did the play-by-play while Dr. Jack did the color.  What are some of the best sports broadcasting teams?  Would Nick retire if he couldn’t work with Lopez???  Please


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