HOUSTON (CBS Houston) A Houston teen who made national headlines after a video went viral of several officers beating him, has been sentenced to six months in jail following a 2012 burglary he pleaded guilty to in January.

Eighteen-year-old Chad Holley begged for mercy from the court during Thursday’s proceedings but District Judge David Mendoza did not feel he deserved such. Instead, the teen was sentenced to jail, followed by seven years of probation, following the burglary conviction. Holley entered a guilty plea in January and faced up to 10 years in prison for the burglary offense.

Holley told the court that he had made poor decisions and attributed it to his youth: “I was not thinking, I was young,” Holley said. “I have something going on in my life now.” Holley who made national headlines videoed as a victim of a videotaped police beating, also admitted to smoking marijuana regularly while on bail, as recently as a few weeks ago.

The video that made national headlines showed Holley being beaten by four Houston police officers; one of the officers was tried and acquitted for his role in the controversial video-taped beating. He and other teens fled from police, after officials responded to a burglary last year.

Holley who was  an Elsik High School sophomore at the time of his arrest in 2010 has also had his mental state come into question as a result of his run-ins with the law. At one time, Holley’s mother told officials that her son took medication to stabilize his mental capacity.

Community leader Quanell X claimed that Holley was “off his medications for mental illness and is a special education student” and does not comprehend the consequences, as explanation for Holley’s deviant behavior.


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