600- I oweChandler Parsons an apology…

AND… What the hell does it take to get fired these days? http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/9125871/larry-scott-pac-12-commissioner-backs-ed-rush-regarding-controversy-sean-miller


630- TOP 3

645- Let’s figure out the Texans MUST haves… NEEDS… And WANTS… In upcoming draft, and rank them accordingly…
Here’s my preliminary list: MUSTS- ILB, OT… NEEDS- WR, OLB, S… WANTS- NT, RB, TE…

I would rank them as follows: 1- ILB, 2- OT, 3- WR, 4- S, 5- OLB, 6- NT, 7- RB, 8- TE

700- This Rutgers Mike Rice thing is CRAZY… I’m not sure what’s worse, what Rice did or what his AD is doing…

Plus, this and what allegedly happened at Rice, is all part of the problem with the power structure of the NCAA and one year renewable scholarships…

715- FRANK MARTIN on the Final Four and how you can coach intensely without going over the line…

Plus, why isn’t Wichita St. getting the love as a Cinderella this year?


730- McClain on Jack Pardee, and his great article from yesterday

745- NO HUDDLE… Anyone comparing Jay Z to Master P doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about… So much gold here http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/main/2013/04/conspiracy-theory-poll-results-.html

800- McClain’s thoughts on our draft needs list… How he would rank them… What’s the position they’re most likely to double up on?

815- Nnamdi for 1.35M??  Was Rick Smith’s best move the one he didn’t make? What was Rick Smith’s best and worst FA moves?



900- Yeah… About those Mike Rice video tapes? What does it take to lost your job ese days? The Rice AD, the PAC 12 ref, and now this?

What’s the worst Lopez ever did? What would YOU do if that were your kid?



945- I think I may have pissed Rich Lord off yesterday… Whoops


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