Officials To Take ‘Whatever Precautions’ Needed After North Korea Threat

He added, “[W]e’re prepared to take whatever precautions our Federal partners might deem necessary.”

Other officials were less concerned with the reported threat, however.

“We know that being in the heart of the country that terrorism is an issue for us,” Chief Art Acevedo, Austin Police Department told CBS affiliate KEYE-TV. “It’s something we have to be vigilant on, but as it relates to the specific threat of them firing missiles over here, I can guarantee they don’t have the long-range capacity to hit Austin, Texas.”

In an interview with “CBS This Morning,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry asserted that Austin was on the list of cities targeted by the eastern Asian communist nation because of its rise in prominence and economic dominance over the course of the past 10 years, in tandem with the entirety of the Lone Star State.

“[O]ne of the reasons that Austin is put on the map [of potential targets] is that he put very important American cities on the map,” he said.

Perry further explained, “Economically, what has happened in Texas over the course of the last decade has made this city an epicenter for a lot of technology, a lot of economic development, and I think the individuals in North Korea understand that Austin, Texas is now a very important city in America, as do corporate CEOs and other people who are moving here in record numbers.”

The former Republican presidential candidate also said that officials “need to treat it as a very real threat.”

He added, “I’ll leave it to individuals who have better background from the standpoint of being able to say ‘Do they have a missile that has the ability to reach a city like Austin?'”


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