600- Hey, look! Tony Romo got a longterm extension that dwarves Schaub’s…. So how do you feel about Schaub’s deal now? http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/houston-texans/matt-schaub/   and where he ranks in NFL QBs http://www.spotrac.com/top-salaries/nfl/cap-hit/quarterback/

Maybe I’m a man on an island on this one, but I will continue to defend this particular deal. I think it’s inline with where he is in the league and I think the Texans would’ve been in bad shape, worse shape, in fact, had they not signed him to it…

615- HEADLINES… Astros season opener, NCAA Tournament and Rockets from the weekend

630- TOP 3

645- How about what’s allegedly happened at Rice? http://deadspin.com/arsalan-kazemi-oregons-iranian-born-glue-guy-was-sub-464213704 and http://m.si.com/2536545/oregons-arsalan-kazemi-alleged-racial-discrimination-while-at-rice/

Essentially, Rice’s AD is a HUGE racist prick… That’s 4 separate people accusing him… and the NCAA essentially saying they’re right (or saying they don’t want to deal with the headache.)  Personally, I believe the kid. We’ve got to get the AD on.


PLUS—Best moment from the weekend (aside from SYRACUSE AND ALL IT’S GLORY) had to be Trey Burke’s shot, right? Anything else stand out?

715- So, when the Spurs did it, Lopez had no problem and neither did I… Is he going to have courage to take the same stance with the Heat?

The Heat just treated America to 2 months of unbelievable basketball, and 2 weeks of must see TV, they can do what they want if you ask me…

Also, this shows they aint scared of anybody in the playoffs, because this decision could cost them home court…

PLUS… My one beef with this letter that Luhnow co-signed on Twitter http://thefuturists.mlblogs.com/2013/03/30/dear-national-baseball-media/ There is one compelling argument to how spending a little more money could’ve made the Astros more competitive sooner…

730- Doc First w/ must-hear take on Ware injury.  Where does JJ Watt rank, ALREADY, in terms of Houston sports legends? I mean, this guy OWNS this city 2 years into a career and less than 2 years removed from being booed on draft day. This is unbelievable.

745- HornSolutions.net NO HUDDLE… Kansas fan CRYING on the radio, “Oh I gotta go bye.”… Kobe passes WILT for the 4th on the all time scoring list…  Florio always stirring up sh t http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/03/31/potential-reward-justifies-cruzs-risk/

800- Tony Romo’s contract! If I were they type of guy that used LOL, I would have put it there but I’d never use LOL, so hahahahahahaha will have to suffice.

815- So what in the world is going on at Rice? Hopefully, we’ll have the AD on here, but I doubt  it…


845- The one beef I have with how the Astros are trying to rebuild and this letter that Jeff Luhnow co-signed on…

900- RJ Bell from Vegas will join us to settle our March Madness bet… I mean, I can give a MILLION reasons why Lopez is wrong and I am right on this one, but likely none of them will matter. Because, as we all know at this point, Lopez is a Communist.

Also, who you got from here on out in the Tourney… I can’t give a pick, because I’m paralyzed by fear of picking Syracuse.

915- HEADLINES… Astros opener, NCAA results and NBA from the weekend.

930- Romo’s contract… Where Schaub ranks in the NFL (if the above link doesn’t work because you don’t have Spotrac Premium, Schaub is currently 14th, it’ll be 15th once Rodgers gets a new deal)… And you simply can’t convince me the Texans signed him to a bad deal…

Had they franchised him he would have cost 14.6M against the cap, instead of his 10.7 this year… And he could’ve essentially forced them to franchise him… so unless you wanted to Kevin Kolb/Ryan Fitzpatrick/Matt Barkley, which I think would’ve been disastrous decisions, Schaub was going to be your guy, and going to be your guy at a higher number, that would’ve forced you to cut someone…

945- I’m just letting everyone know, and we spent a few minutes on it, but the topic EVERYONE is going to be masturbating over today is the Heat resting players… It’s a slow sports day and people will LOVE to pile on LBJ and the Heat, I guarandamntee it.


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