Easter is this Sunday and if you are hosting this year’s Easter dinner and celebrations, you can do so in a fun and festive way without breaking your bank. Check out these ways you can celebrate Easter and still have a wonderful time with friends and family!

Save money first and foremost by making your own centerpieces. It’s time to let your “inner Martha Stewart” shine through by making your own centerpieces. Centerpieces do not have to be extravagant nor costly. For me, I always take clear bowls I get from my local dollar store or resale shop, purchase glass pearls and stones to place in the bottom of them and add dried flowers or artificial flowers. You can do the same! Simply choose colors such as pink, yellow and white. Also mix your centerpieces if you can. Bowls of fruit are always a hit when it comes to centerpieces. Ditch the thought of ordering them and create your own this year!

Desserts and Beverages can be made at home. Store-bought desserts and beverages can be costly so opt for making your own at home. Think about what your company would like and get baking! You really do not need to bake much. My favorite is yellow cake with chocolate icing. The batter is less than a dollar at my favorite store and the icing is even cheaper! Also, for beverages, my friend Nicci has a recipe for a delicious punch that consists of ginger ale and red punch! It is absolutely heaven! Mix equal parts of punch and soda pop and add fresh fruit in for great taste!

Potluck!!! When it comes to celebrations involving food, I always tell my friends that our celebration is a potluck affair! That way, I have a multitude of foods coming in and my guests can eat real hearty because everyone has donated to our festive food cause! I always supply the main dish. For Easter, I purchase a ham. Then another friend of mine supplies the green beans. Another buddy bakes fresh bread (at least that is what she has told us year after year…LOL) and another friend brings this delicious chocolate mousse cake! Making your Easter celebration a potluck cuts down on “wear and tear” for you, saves you money and allows everyone to contribute to the celebration.

 (Photo Credit: Lauri Patterson/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Lauri Patterson/Getty Images)

Do you have ways that you save money on your Easter celebration? Share below and watch related video here!


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