600- So, how’s everybody’s bracket? Anything grab you from the weekend? For me it was that blocks don’t exist in college ball… They’re ALL charges, evidently… Also, care to make a new bracket? Starting from Sweet 16?


630- TOP 3

645- I actually think the Shane Lechler signing is a pretty significant one… Texans weakest unit just got better, even if Donnie Jones was good last year… Plus… Should they let Manning return punts?

700- It’s like the Astros don’t want their fans to like them… http://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/astros/article/Dierker-severs-relationship-with-Astros-4378105.php?t= c1c356ef77d8ff4dd2 They let desahies go… They let this Comcast disaster happen… They go with the lowest payroll ever… The jack up prices on opening day… Crane says those idiotic things… And now, this??? By the way, the same EXACT thing happened in KC with Frank White… And it’s a signal of clueless ownership…

715- Texans and Ed Reed… Who are these people who are down on this move? Do people really think Glover Quin or Michael Huff are currently better players??? I mean, really?

730- The Ravens sure are savvy, tho…Dumervil is better than Kriger and they got him cheaper without a huge long term commitment… Only 2.5M against this years cap even tho he’s making 8.5M…

Which AFC playoff teams got better… Which ones got worse… Which ones stayed in neutral?

745- NO HUDDLE… 2 commercials, one is brilliant (the AT&T faster is better with little kids) and one makes me furious (the coke peaceful vandal one)… I want to discuss


815- Rockets Spurs and latest on playoffs…


845- Brackets! Who is the favorite out of who is left? And is college basketball becoming less and less watchable? Plus… Straw’s guy, and my guy too, Marshall Henderson has gotten a FREE pass by the media… Let me tell y’all something about Slim Shady…

900- Astros and Dierker redux from 7am…


930- Wade Phillips redux…


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