600- So, Ed Reed and the Texans are “far apart” according to McClain… McClain says the contingencies are Huff, Mikell and maybe Woodson… So, I think they’ve got to get on that… Cuz I don’t think Reed is coming here


630- TOP 3

645- Final 4… John who ya got and why? straw, who you got? I’ve got Indiana, Florida, Michigan St and Gonzaga with IUover MSU in title game…

What seeds 6 or greater do you have in Sweet 16 and what seeds 4 or greater do you have in Elite 8?

700- So, is that Astrodome getting blown up??? http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Texans-Rodeo-put-29-M-price-tag-on-dome-demo-4367932.php Evidently it’s cheaper than anyone thought!

715- Latest NBA playoff picture, and the simple question… If the Rockets lose tonight, do they make the playoffs?

730- JOHN MCCLAIN… He gives us his latest report on Ed reed and the texans who he thinks the legit backup options are…

745- No huddle- Peter Gammons takes some shots at the Astros http://www.crawfishboxes.com/2013/3/19/4125764/peter-gammons-has-harsh-words-for-the-astros-rebuilding-efforts

800- JOHN MCCLAIN… Where does the general think the Texans find their remaining needed starters… How many from free agency, the draft and on the current roster?

815- JOHN MCCLAIN… What does he think of other AFC South moves, who got better who got worse and what does he make of this whole Wes Welker situation and the latest rule proposals…

830- JOHN MCCLAIN… So, General, is that Astrodome coming down?

845- JOHN MCCLAIN… We’ll let the General pick this segment.. There’s always some stuff he wants to get to that I haven’t considered…

900- our Final 4 picks and upset specials for the NCAAs…


930- Is it time the Texans start focusing off Ed Reed and onto more realistic options?


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