HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Spring Break has joyously arrived back in our midst and the time is right for great friends, great adventures and great savings! Take a look at the list below and find out ways you can save money while you soak up the sun, enjoy the fun and live a week of carefree bliss!

1. Ditch the Souvenirs I know it sounds harsh, but that wonderful digital camera you packed can capture those moments of your Spring Break. Leave the souvenirs from your destination on the store shelves. If you absolutely have to purchase one, then choose one that is less than $10.00. Otherwise, rely on your memory and pictures to relive the days of Spring Break later.

2. Eating Out and Eating In. When it comes to food, it’s best to place money in a pile with friends and purchase items together. For example, when my girls and I went to Florida at a summer house, we bought bread, sandwich meats and burgers in bulk. We split the costs of our foods and saved incredible amounts of money. When we decided to hit a local restaurant, we asked about deals from the locals and even went online to shop for bargains. You should do the same.

3. What Did You Pack? Before heading out to Spring Break, look at what you packed. Are you packing all of the essentials? Chances are that if you forget something, you will pay a pretty penny when you arrive to your Spring Break destination. Many times, resorts and Spring Break destinations count on “Spring Breakers” to forget important items such as toothpaste and other toiletries, so they will jack up prices on those items. If you are bringing the toothpaste, pack enough for the crew so they do not have to worry about it. Now ask a member of your crew to pack enough sunblock spray for everyone else so that you don’t have to pack it. You and your buddies should make a list of all that is needed and divide up the items on that list to bring. It really helps to share responsibility.

4. Scout Out Deals. Chances are when you arrive to your destination, you will find great group rates on things. For example, if you and your BFFs are going snorkeling, then ask for a great group rate. Even if you do not see rates or discounts advertised, ask anyway! “You have not because you ask not” is the phrase to remember here. So ask away, regardless of it being advertised!

Do you have ways that you save money on Spring Break? Share them and click here to watch related video!


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