When one visits Rodeo Houston, you can be rest assured that the food takes center stage! From deep fried cakes to those ginormous turkey legs, eating the food of RodeoHouston is tremendous fun!

In terms of great carnival fun and health, here are a few things to remember as you make your way around the rodeo while enjoying those fun, fried and fantastic foods!



1. Look for the “good” in your food. I for one, love those turkey legs. In terms of nutrition, turkey legs are high in protein as well as a high content and omega-6. Turkey has no carbohydrates, and little fat! Also, RodeoHouston has a variety of grilled foods. Corn on the cob is a great and healthy choice. With you corn on the cob, you are getting great fiber as well as nutrients! Meat kebabs are also great choices for foods that are healthy. They contain protein in the meat and many kebabs have green peppers and other veggies layered on the meat! My mouth is watering just thinking about them!



2. Keep things small by sharing with your friends and family. An easy way to try out fun carnival food without going overboard is to purchase the great food and split the foods with your friends. Funnel cake is is one of my favorite foods. They are tremendously wonderful at RodeoHouston! However, three of my friends and I can get our funnel cake “fix” and feel good that we did not overindulge. So split those fantastic foods with friends!

3.Plan ahead. Chances are that between work, family and more work, you have made plans to attend RodeoHouston. Once you designate your day of fun at Houston’s largest and most prosperous event, make plans to incorporate a diet rich in veggies and fruits a few days before your trip to RodeoHouston. I hate to bring it up, but you want to stay regular, healthy and well. So perhaps add a bit more fiber a few days before you venture out to the rodeo to enjoy those indulgences without the guilt will serve you well! Your digestive tract will thank you for it!

4. Drink water. RodeoHouston has some fantastic food! Chances are, you don’t want it lingering with you for a long time. Have those great tastes and then help keep your system clean and refreshed by enjoying a few bottled waters as well. Sure, you can have a beer and a soda pop, but try to incorporate some delicious water into your fun with the food for great elimination and wellness later.

5. Walk! Chances are that you will not be doing any superpower walking around the carnival at Rodeo Houston but enjoy walking after you finish eating your delights. Walking is great exercise and can aid in the digestion of your food! So walk a bit, sit down and eat a bit, walk a bit, sit down and eat a bit and…well you get my drift, right?

So enjoy those fantastic RodeoHouston foods and watch related video here!


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